I started this blog, sitting at my bedroom desk, purely for fun. I received my first laptop for Christmas in 2011 and immediately started designing random websites, which then led me into the world of blogging. I experimented with fashion like everyone else and navigated my way through every clichéd phase during tween-hood. I first became 'properly' interested in fashion and the industry behind it when I bought my first British Vogue magazine in 2015 and was in complete awe of Prada's AW15 campaign. I realised then that there was more to an outfit than a top, bottom and shoes; and over the years I have only begun to develop what I would call my personal style - but I am happy with the direction I am going in. Since buying that initial Vogue magazine, I have fallen deeper into a rabbit hole and have continued to love writing this blog as a means of both curating and documenting my outfits, and exploring the ever-changing fashion of our world. 


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Things I Love

Rescued animals, maximalism, Christmas department stores, freshly baked bread, cinnamon, raisins in loafs, plaid, stately homes, Christmas gift ideas, historical novels, Sex and the City, al fresco dining, Yorkshire moors, freshly mowed grass, long haul flights, 60's style, TV talent shows, knee-high boots, patent shoes, YouTube look books, Edinburgh, cuddling with pets, TV cooking programmes, brunch Gucci, homemade cards, Miami beach, detective stories, cocktails, The Devil Wears Prada, mid-century furniture, 70's discos, quiet bubble baths, planning outfits I never wear, Italian pizza, party planning, the MET ball, Prada, Sherlock Holmes, beach days, lentil stew, intelligence, online quizzes, general knowledge, tulle, bright yellow fur, Anna Wintour, pink velvet, vinyl, ruffles, co-ordinated suits, fashion exhibitions, pesto pasta, Mui Mui, vintage sunglasses, Rihanna, freshly painted nails, analysing fashion magazines, pool days, 90's girl band music, Harry Potter, falafels, getting into a good book, old Cathedral cities, Versace, amazing photography, interior design, the Kardashians, layered dainty necklaces, old Hollywood glamour, Pinterest, Mediterranean old towns, Christmas Day, Christmas carol singing, horses, luxury shopping centres, laughing, geometric gold jewellery, berets, travelling, luxury resorts, wanderlust, André Leon Talley, shopping days, costume design, afternoon tea, quality family time, stand up comedy, German Christmas markets, fairy lights, food markets, creative writing, lemon tea, skylines, water park slides, ketchup, art journals, Sandy Powell, designer bargain finds, dancing with friends, 100% tests/homework, sparkly precious stones, baby names, ambition, inspirational style, wave pools, Paris, modelling, stylish luggage sets, clashing colour combinations, diaries, sunshine, animals in the wild, cult chick flicks, dewy makeup, London, mono-colour outfits, teacup animals, tulle wedding dresses, monoculture field photography, diamonds, motivated people, British royal family, Amalfi, Parisian couture fashion, juxtaposition, untouched landscapes, watercolour paintings, fireplaces, lazy Sunday afternoons, Manolo Blahniks, Thai food, decorative earrings

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