Thursday, 31 July 2014

Coast Trippin' & Beach Bag Necessities

My seasonal mood swings are going haywire (fullpower) in perfect timing with the sudden and highly irritating changes in the British 'summer' (#wheresthesun?) weather. 

At a time when the sun was still with us - like, yesterday, and some happy days prior (huzzah!) - I made a conscientious effort to go to the beach and do some cool beachy things. I happen to be crazeh like that!?... 


1. Fluffy towel. You need this. You always need this. The towel is your friend and you need to embrace that friendship. Nobody wants sand-sticky bottoms. Trust me. (And make it a big one.)

2. A summer novel, ooh, let us get into this one! Lately, I have been enjoying 'The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar', by Roald Dahl; the one and only. Other fictional creations that help us see the dreamy summer world through rosy filters... read onwards comrades.

Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov
Confessions Of A Shopaholic, Sophie Kinsella
The Handmade's Tail, Margaret Atwood
The Grapes Of Wrath, John Steinbeck
The Hound Of The Baskervilles, Arthur Conan Doyle
The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks
Les Misérables, Victor Hugo
The Help, Kathryn Stockett
Disgrace, JM Coetzee
To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee

3. A funkylicious sunhat. Make it your chum.

4. Sunnies/ Sassy-sun-bouncing-eyewear. Embrace these beauties. I have been swooning over the more elaborate styles this season and I need to leave this dark time period of bankruptcy by getting a job at the candy store (?!) in order to buy some...

5. Fruit, snacks... or a full on picnic. Get prepared and get eating. 

6. Games are always an exciting friend when the books get drowsy. Card games may prove less functional in the British weather.

7. Sun cream, suncream, suncream, and more suncream. I like to go for the Dracula look with full-on white skin in the sunny weather because I have very sensitive skin and nobody wants a peeling tomato as a friend. They don't.


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Ahoy Switzerland // Travel Photos


These photo's have been long-time coming and I'm sorry they took so long (a month today), though I only have two hands, and 10 fingers. Using all the fingers at once and temporarily using your toes, too, as fingers; doesn't work. It is very unproductive. 

I think the wait is well worth it as you now have before your eyes the aforementioned photos with dazzle and grace - a little fashion, a little sightseeing, a little friendliness, too many stories and too many squinting unphotogenics.

I am already anticipating  my next plane trip and my next dreamy journey to Geneva. How beautiful a place...


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Extra Sweet Raspberry Crumble (Vegan + Sugar-free)


I am the most dangerous person near a crumble... Or a cake of any sorts to be honest.

I'm the one that lingers around the tray when I think no one is watching and picks as much of the crust off as I can before it begins to look noticeable. When no cake/crumble is evident, I can also be seen lurking at the pear-related goods or potato chips (#ShamelessSelfPromotion). I happen to be rather good at nibbling at the edges or discreetly stealing from the fruit and replacing the crumble - like a pro robber... You never quite know whether I am currently grazing or not because I have perfected the art of swallowing the whole bite as you gaze down into your glass. I'm smart like that... And I chew quickly!

Then when the crumble leaves the kitchen and graces the table; I delicatly serve up a small portion (my second, first was the nibbling) onto my plate whilst removing bite-fuls from the tray when nobody watches. This way, I go back for thirds - which people think are my seconds - and go back for fourths anf fifths - which people think are my thirds. Thirds... Third helpings are acceptable. Right.

I will clear your bank account through crumbles. #watchout.

This crumble is really special because I used home-grown-from-the-backyard raspberries, it's all sweet and not too sour and there's more crumble than fruit (which works fine for me) and I was feeling extra special when I made it. 

Just let it happen.

I soaked the raspberries in water to clean them and then left them floating for a bit to get soft soft soft! It's a fun game. 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Fashionable Vintage Shopping in Liverpool

I usually start up in the middle of the night with some word or sentence that I think is funny (no one else does...) and I want to include in my next blog post. That, however, didn't and hasn't happened, and I have been sitting on these photos for over a month - procrastinating and wondering what witty words to caption them with. Nope. Still nothing. I have been stuck for a while (so you can still see my long hair in the photos!), and thought, at first, a break was in order (despite my will to write as many posts throughout the summer holidays as possible...). The break was ineffective and I had to take up plan B) eat some Hobnobs, then use up the Lush stock, then eat some more Hobnobs. Once again, funnily, this failed - and so just when I thought the whole blogging shebang could not get any better, I discovered the real joys of writer's block... And then I discovered the tragic bliss of warbling and rattling on about not being able to write. (More Hobnobs came into the show some time along the way but, of course, they are necessity and a perfect companion #pipedownSlimmingWorld.)

PS. The post was supposed to be on a day out to Liverpool - the fashion post. I also wrote this one - the foodie review

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Holland & Barretts Haul Review


Sometimes, reviews are necessary and essential. Who doesn't love to ponder over a good ol' review of either something really rubbish and trololol along to the criticism, or mentally party at the cool and useless gear. Promisingly (?), I'm adding another review to the many others out there.

Lezz do this!

On a impulse shop, I ventured into Holland and Barratts - because, yanno, a girl needs to investigate. WHY HAD I NOT BEEN THERE BEFORE?! 

I'm not quite that girl who orders a salad every time we eat out; nor do I happen to enjoy 'vegan' labelled food much (coincidental, really, for a vegan to say such). I often find that food made with heavy substitutes tends to be fake and sickening and including far too many additives etc. Well! Feed me a Holland and Barrett's concoction, and I'm a happy patron (it's that good)!

As this continued to roll out as an impulse shop and I continued to sink into the abyss of snack-heaven, I just had to pay for a haul of almost everything and scrutinise the few (everything) things I ate.

Man, some of those goodies were so freakin' delicious (sad, really, when I'm trying to be healthy) and just so irresistible. On the other hand, some of the snacks were quite artificial and tasted dry, heavy and medicine-y. I will most certainly be returning for the Nakd Gingerbread bar, the Pecan Pie bar, the dairy free chocolate, and the TREK Flapjacks. Safely stay away from the powdery (WHAT WHY??!!), tasteless, sickening meat free pate; and the soya milk flavoured milkshakes, to avoid getting a headache from overly-sweet and plastic tasting 'milk'. 

Ending on that note,


Henna Hair + #galsontour


Sometimes my mind is crammed full of nonsensical and rather random thoughts that I, on a whim, throw down onto a page in no order or style, for you to read at a later date.

Other times I have no inspiration, or thoughts, so I right about times when thoughts were common (like today) and hope you don't notice.


I cut my hair and dyed it red with henna. I think it's pretty. It's my first addition to my self-affirming collection of stuff. If henna is always as silky soft and vibrant as this, then I need to buy some more. My love for the new 'fro has exploded uncontrollably and I am spamming all, in good spirit - bring on the selfie storms @danistefanief (I created a new account for personal life and the many other exciting shenanigans I get up to non-blog related)!

I now am convinced that henna is made from soft fairy poop soaked in magic unicorn tears - because, dang, it is so amazing! And henna knows what's what when trying to make your outer self look sassy. Oh, and I'm now a henna expert (after one time)... So, um, yeah...

Also, I flew to Geneva, and had a ball. It was sunny and rich and everything I am not. #galsontour

I'm soon voyaging to Tenerife so I'm parting with my wifi. You can't see me or send me nuffink. Moreover, I don't think fire access is allowed so smoke signalling is out of the question; morse code may be an option, but you can definitely send me a mail pigeon.


Sunday, 6 July 2014

Berry Picking in Summertime

 Life has little pleasures: pretty nails, funny accent videos, fragrant flowers, cat purrs, the Can Can music... right?

Lounging on the sofa for too long happens to be a luxury, as does sunny weather (when living in Britain) - so when the opportunity arises to embrace the sun and capture those extra few vitamin D buddies (always useful), one grabs at that opportunity passionately and with feel. We do, trust me. 

Naturally, then, it was only expected to go berry picking in this gorgeous weather (second to reminiscing over The Beach Boys and getting sweaty and shiny with sun cream at the beach... obviously).

It's an annual expectation to go for a drive to some field or farm and pick their fruit. Oftentimes, there are different fruits in season throughout the year and you pick and pay by punnet or kg. Of course, there will always be the few lone berries who manage to escape the basket and end up in the mouth - being tested for taste, because yanno, you can never be too sure, and, well, they are just delicious; so really, no one can blame me... right?


Saturday, 5 July 2014

Retro Race Cars: OUTFIT

Ah, the bliss of reminiscing over those days (one day) that we had nice weather. Such fun... And a thing to be cherished, as it means I can wear pretty outfits and then blab on about what they were. My high-waisted shorts would be a regular occurrence if I were to live in, say, Bora Bora or Maui - which would also be a current topic were I to be a) a real life Pinterest, and b) a billionaire. Paired with the so-old sheer yellow retro car print blouse, over a black bandeau; white sports socks, converse, red lippy and black sunnies - I think I'm all ready for moving country (because life is short and we should all live in Bora Bora with the Kardashians). 

Whose buying the plane tickets? Right.