Monday, 28 July 2014

Fashionable Vintage Shopping in Liverpool

I usually start up in the middle of the night with some word or sentence that I think is funny (no one else does...) and I want to include in my next blog post. That, however, didn't and hasn't happened, and I have been sitting on these photos for over a month - procrastinating and wondering what witty words to caption them with. Nope. Still nothing. I have been stuck for a while (so you can still see my long hair in the photos!), and thought, at first, a break was in order (despite my will to write as many posts throughout the summer holidays as possible...). The break was ineffective and I had to take up plan B) eat some Hobnobs, then use up the Lush stock, then eat some more Hobnobs. Once again, funnily, this failed - and so just when I thought the whole blogging shebang could not get any better, I discovered the real joys of writer's block... And then I discovered the tragic bliss of warbling and rattling on about not being able to write. (More Hobnobs came into the show some time along the way but, of course, they are necessity and a perfect companion #pipedownSlimmingWorld.)

PS. The post was supposed to be on a day out to Liverpool - the fashion post. I also wrote this one - the foodie review

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