Thursday, 17 July 2014

Holland & Barretts Haul Review


Sometimes, reviews are necessary and essential. Who doesn't love to ponder over a good ol' review of either something really rubbish and trololol along to the criticism, or mentally party at the cool and useless gear. Promisingly (?), I'm adding another review to the many others out there.

Lezz do this!

On a impulse shop, I ventured into Holland and Barratts - because, yanno, a girl needs to investigate. WHY HAD I NOT BEEN THERE BEFORE?! 

I'm not quite that girl who orders a salad every time we eat out; nor do I happen to enjoy 'vegan' labelled food much (coincidental, really, for a vegan to say such). I often find that food made with heavy substitutes tends to be fake and sickening and including far too many additives etc. Well! Feed me a Holland and Barrett's concoction, and I'm a happy patron (it's that good)!

As this continued to roll out as an impulse shop and I continued to sink into the abyss of snack-heaven, I just had to pay for a haul of almost everything and scrutinise the few (everything) things I ate.

Man, some of those goodies were so freakin' delicious (sad, really, when I'm trying to be healthy) and just so irresistible. On the other hand, some of the snacks were quite artificial and tasted dry, heavy and medicine-y. I will most certainly be returning for the Nakd Gingerbread bar, the Pecan Pie bar, the dairy free chocolate, and the TREK Flapjacks. Safely stay away from the powdery (WHAT WHY??!!), tasteless, sickening meat free pate; and the soya milk flavoured milkshakes, to avoid getting a headache from overly-sweet and plastic tasting 'milk'. 

Ending on that note,



  1. all those nakd bars!! omg haven't been in ages xx

    1. It's so good! I need to find time to make another appearance! xx