Monday, 29 September 2014

Autumnal Neutral Hues // Classic Outfit

So, it wasn't until after all the photos were taken that I realised how TERRIBLE my hair looks in every s i n g l e o  n  e. So the first one isn't so bad, I guess. 
The second one clearly had to be cropped - and oh, how needed it was!

This has been officially classified as my 'chic classic' autumn outfit. 
I feel it's necessary to have a classic, timeless collective to throw on and walk and be all 
'Hey, yep you, look how chic I can be'. 


Anyhoo, I love these pants. They add to the classic edged lines of the outfit so nicely. The colour is beautiful - autumnal and warm and beautifully tailored. Hello, my Polo Ralph Lauren trousers! 

(Serious exciting fashion stuff!)

No. Don't be too excited. They were passed down from my auntie. Forget that, though, because, frankly, who freaking cares? They're Polo Ralph Lauren. I care about that. As should you.

The shirt finishes off the tailoring perfectly and I like its slight sheerness (slight.), paired with my edgier nude buckle sandals for an ideal silhouetted outfit. 

10 Brownie points for whoever can spot the teddy bear plaster. It's seriously rad.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Autumnal Go-To Outfit

So, um, on a scale of 1 to 10 of how rebellious I felt - I would go for a firm 8.5 of a rebel chick. 
I photo-shot in the road. That's pretty unruly. 

I would have been up there with the 10s but I still skipped away when the cars came and tried to make as if I was crossing the road in case anyone saw me and felt inclined to become confused. I skip, it's how I get around. That knocked off 1.5 points.

Rocking out aside, this really is my go-to comfort outfit. 

I am seriously considering marking these jeans out as being crafted by unicorns with the tears of fluffy bunny rabbits and faeries. They are so so soft. Like soft white bread. 

And everyone needs a comfort look - other than the pyjamas-till-4 look, though that works just fine most days. Comfort is how I roll. Sassy comfort. It gives you the ability and deep-rooted power to whip out any item from your wardrobe and know you can turn some heads but you feel all day as though sleeping with the teddy bears. That's a professional skill, if you own it, milk it, thoroughly. 

Oh, and then the lighting changed. Meet Daniela the Vampire.

This top is the newest addition to my wardrobe, a seriously sexy one. I love love love getting a bargain - more than you. Seriously, what is better than nabbing a amazingly perfect Karen Millen evening top for 50p? 50-freaking-p! 

I'm bowing and you can applaud me later.

I love the crotchet effect on the top and I love how it's simple but effective slit in the lower side hem shows off a little skin, though not too much, so you can still utilise it as a chic day time top. I like that. I also happen to be head over heels for the colour; a metallic grey, not really silver though. Houses should be painted that colour. I want my room that colour. Take my money!

For me, when the cold weather makes an appearance, I like to rock up the red lipsticks and statement lips. I love the contrasting colours of the autumnal blues, greens and golds in the blanket scarf (my love for these beauties has reached worrying new heights), clashing with the matte cherry of the lipstick. 

Vans are not my vibe, really. I can get into these slip on faux leather shoes, though. They are so simplistically relaxed and monochrome - which I can totally get into - and seem to get into the groove of almost any outfit. I am truly loving the slip-on shoe trend this autumn. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Metallic Midi Skirt // Woodland Photoshooting

Never mind the icy starts and pretty colour-changing leaves; Daniela decided to photoshoot in the scary outdoors. I'm getting brownie points to do serious damage with. I got goosebumps, since you asked.

This outfit started as 'Daniela-we're-leaving-in-twenty-minutes-are-you-awake?',
and roughly worked itself out. 

I particularly enjoy the spattered mud stained on my Converse. 

Woodland couture.

Also, apparently there was something really interesting on the floor as I happen to be looking down there in nearly all of the photos.

#Bambi, take 2.

Where this post is going, I have no idea. 
I'm sure I'll realise it when we arrive, though. 

Till then, I've made a list of certain thoughts I reflected on over these photos.

1. This outfit is totally rocking the metalic trend. Or... was that only a summer trend.

2. I'm going to wear metallic at least 6/7 times a week, anyway.

3. It's also getting waaaaay ahead of the midi skirt trend. 

4. Blurred photos look really cool.

5. You should definitely look at all my blurred photos on Instagram.

6. Can we talk about this skirt? The pale pink trend is one I can really get into, on Wednesdays. 

Pink, perfect. Talk over.

7. That's a pretty freakin' sassy elephant bag.

8. There are only 93 days left till Christmas. Im. So. Excited! 

9. That means we can accessorise our house with lights again. This year we should 100% do every room in the house. I think it gives us a unique flare from the other houses on the street. 

10. It's not often one sees a house lit up on November 20th. 

Ps. See, it got there. This post was about Christmas. Apparently.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Marchesa LFW 14 // Review

I could write several blog posts, 
each detailing another love of this gorgeous collection of 'Ready-to-Wear' 
(how could I possibly wear these outdoors?)
Spring/Summer by Marchesa

I could, but I'm not. 

I'm infusing you with one love in one post, 
double whammy style

I have managed to successfully list 500000+ reasons why I am head over heels for this collection and why I love Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig 
(undeniably cool-people names
for bringing it to London from America. 
And I see no reason to stop listing reasons. 

In fact, I shall list them here. 

I happen to be phasing a love of tulle, and all things netted, textured etc. 
This just happens to be the collection ranging from heavy tulle dresses,
to the most beautiful chiffon 
and silk 
and something that highly resembles plastic/fabric flowers. 

Fake flowers on a dress is fashion at it's greatest, my friend.

And then the serious addition of florals to the fabrics is just perfect
I love the transition to spring and summer in fashion world,
when the us-people world have just entered autumn. 
It's really really great. 
And I love the large posies in stand-out colours
- statements are in. 
Who decided? I decided. 

I, too, am truly adoring the classical, vintage, feminine, slightly bohemian
but ultra-chic whimsical-ness of the whole styling 
and the secret garden vibe channelling. 

I love love love the pastels paired with the deep crimsons and magentas 
(who knew? It works so good!). 

Lastly, anything/anyone wearing or possessing a floral crown must become my friend this moment. They're just so unbelievably pretty and summery
and perfect for wearing at every possible opportunity
- sleeping, homework, taking out the bins - everything

Sunday, 21 September 2014

'Let's shoot in the radishes' // outfit

Mission to shoot multiple outfits is a go. 

Today I spent ridiculous time under heaps of clothes in my room finalising outfits,
and then photo-shooting them with my lovely sister,
who is gradually becoming usably talented. 

Some of the photos came out looking cool and effortless - kinda cultural, kinda grungy;
and some just continued to capture my blindness in the brightness of the sun. 

So #outfitnumber1 tried to be print-y and clash-y but trendy and swish like the LFW models. Not so sure how that goal turned out. 

I stole the blouse/shirt/silk mass from meine Mutti's wardrobe -
possibly why it is about 10cm hanging off the shoulders,
and why I appear to be drowning.

And I have the privilege of possessing a bargain-filled clothes collection. 
This skirt made the collection after a morning at the bootsales. 
And it totally works the statement skirt trend for autumn. 

Exciting stuff.

I love clashing prints. Really, I do.

I love this outfit's clashy but still matchy-matchy patterns and colours. 

I aim to wear as many outfits this autumn featuring deep but bright colours as possible. 
One day down, and I don't plan to stop. 

Tomorrow is crimson and burgundy day - officially

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Antipodium LFW 14 // Review


This post deals with some seriously hot fashion.
 If thats not your jam, feel free to read this factual post about me that I wrote when I was 13.)

I was really really sad not to be invited along to the LFW 14, which, for many reasons I can see why not - I eat all the vegan muffins, and nobody likes a food thief. Still, I wasn't about to let Jamie Campbell Bower have all the fun without me. 

I love love love this Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer collection by Antipodium, more than I probably should. I adore the overload of pastel colours, paired with the oh so sexy mountain climber sandals (which, of course, just happen to look terribly chic and just rock up looking amazing with every single one of the outfits).

I also love the soft aesthetics, semi sixties-to-eighties vibe running through the collection. I'm swooning over the cropped off-the-shoulder peasant blouses... and the chunky chokers... and the overwhelming amount of lime green... and the super cute ribbed sweaters... and every gorgeous other item that graced the catwalk. 

So basically, I'll just win the lottery, marry the designer and buy the collection. Solid and simple

Thursday, 18 September 2014

LFW 14 Fashion Commentary

And so begins Daniela's most-definitely superfluous commentary on the on-goings of LFW 14 - needless to say that Jamie Campbell Bower will be featured in as many photos as seems respectable... so all of them then. I felt real-life sorrow at the fact that no invitations had been delivered to me (assumingly my owl took a wrong turn... again). I pretended to be invited, though, by staying full on point with every social media possible, and some fun potential-husband-stalking (hey there - it is the only way). I whooped at the street-style and seriously feel in love with all the back stage food tables. I need to find that chef. 

How is this not perfection in every seemingly-possible way? How many other male specimens can pull off skinny ripped jeans - not many. I love the effortless styling combo with the sassy dangly scarf  thingy and sleek hair. I also enjoy the fact that JCB is a fashion week regular so I get extra time to look at his beautiful jawline and bloomin' beautiful outfits. 

Also joining the fash pack (it's happening, I decided - fashion pack) is Dougie Poynter wearing a shirt that is something else - WHERE CAN I GET ONE? And I think his hair deserves a post of its own, but that's another story. 

The shirt, though.

Alexa, darling Alexa, is doing some sexy lady thing and totally rocking the seasons 60's trend. I just love the whole look, especially the gorgeous velvet blue slippers and checked pink and white furry coat. UGH, it hurts. And then she goes and turns up again in an adorable ensemble of pigtails (pigtails!) and a too cute Chanel pink clutch. I'm noting fashion tips. 

Cara and Kate have to be the pair to pair. Obviously, Kate turned up in shades, looking perfect in all-black. Cara is flashing some subtle side-boob, and looking classic but ├╝ber-cool in a tailored navy suit paired with trainers. Very very chic. 

I couldn't resist another. This time JCB is looking insanely dapper in a waistcoat and suit - and I am NOT COPING with those rolled up sleeves. Tattoos bared, shades on, hair doing that sleek loveliness - top marks.

Olivia Palermo just happens to always look effortlessly elegant and trendy. The trousers/culottes are pretty aren't they? And, I think I would like to wear them... like now, PLEASE!

Photos from Vogue and Sugarscape

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Summer Nights Cocktail Outfit

I think I am still allowed to post my summer holiday outfits because, even though Britain has hit the most awkward stage of weather - not quite cold but still too cold (and guys, stop pretending it's still summer and stop buying iced Starbucks. It stopped being cool last season.), this week has been a little bit warmer. I'm grabbing the excuse full-throttle, so bear with.

I wore this outfit in the evening on our Tenerifian holiday (HOLA!) to a cocktail bar at the beach. I love it's relaxed feel yet it still looks like I tried-ish. And Birkenstock are most definitely a decided thing in August (so, I'm a few weeks late...), paired with my gorgeous but probably-too-small Zara dress - WITH AMAZING DETAILING ON THE BACK - from ages ago. Yup.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Top 10 Back to School Stationery Picks

And then there were 4... 4 days left until I start school. And, even though I am filled with minute sadness and deep regret, the deadly anticipation is somewhat diluted with the idea of being able to refill my stationary stash. Getting new stationary will never, not even in my adult years to come, be not fun. How can the fresh crisp fold of new paper ever be dull? And, even though I will never need any of these items, nor will anyone, probably, why would I not want to spend 3 hours of my day searching for rose scented mini glue sticks (still not found) and ridiculous amounts of patterned washi tape? 

1. This incredibly adorable notebook needs a space in my life and heart, even though I have no space for it. It just makes me happy looking at the coloured spots - I have a deep rooted love for coloured spots. 

2. Enter: the IKEA notebook, from the IKEA stationary collection, because IKEA is not just a furniture shop, it makes pretty cute notebooks too. 

3. Never settle for just a paperclip. It is wrong in so many ways. Always save room for the biscuit paperclips - they never fail to impress. 

4. In my dreams I am a vivid note-taker in possession of this too adorable, floral patterned, hand-stitched journal from Paperchase. 

5. I would never be able to use this eraser for fear of ruining it. But it could stand and look pretty and I would use the selfie opportunity well so Instagram would be bombed with unacceptable amounts of I'm-just-licking-my-pink-mini-fake-ice-lolly-rubber photos... so still 100% worth buying. 

6. So... I plan to use these at every possible opportunity. Hello tape adorned school books, and huzzah to the first ever tape decorated toilet seat. 

7. This would bring my number of acquired pencil cases to around 15, probably topping them all, definitely the cutest - yep, I think I need this very much. 

8. And then Ted Baker makes an appearance. Always welcome, though not often appreciated... unless I have a secret stash of money somewhere hidden, or I win the lottery, or someone makes a donation... guys? 

9. What is it about glittery 'tache pencil toppers that seem so inviting and needed? 

10. And there we have it! Ball pins! Surely they make the entire pinning process so much more fun!