Thursday, 4 September 2014

Top 10 Back to School Stationery Picks

And then there were 4... 4 days left until I start school. And, even though I am filled with minute sadness and deep regret, the deadly anticipation is somewhat diluted with the idea of being able to refill my stationary stash. Getting new stationary will never, not even in my adult years to come, be not fun. How can the fresh crisp fold of new paper ever be dull? And, even though I will never need any of these items, nor will anyone, probably, why would I not want to spend 3 hours of my day searching for rose scented mini glue sticks (still not found) and ridiculous amounts of patterned washi tape? 

1. This incredibly adorable notebook needs a space in my life and heart, even though I have no space for it. It just makes me happy looking at the coloured spots - I have a deep rooted love for coloured spots. 

2. Enter: the IKEA notebook, from the IKEA stationary collection, because IKEA is not just a furniture shop, it makes pretty cute notebooks too. 

3. Never settle for just a paperclip. It is wrong in so many ways. Always save room for the biscuit paperclips - they never fail to impress. 

4. In my dreams I am a vivid note-taker in possession of this too adorable, floral patterned, hand-stitched journal from Paperchase. 

5. I would never be able to use this eraser for fear of ruining it. But it could stand and look pretty and I would use the selfie opportunity well so Instagram would be bombed with unacceptable amounts of I'm-just-licking-my-pink-mini-fake-ice-lolly-rubber photos... so still 100% worth buying. 

6. So... I plan to use these at every possible opportunity. Hello tape adorned school books, and huzzah to the first ever tape decorated toilet seat. 

7. This would bring my number of acquired pencil cases to around 15, probably topping them all, definitely the cutest - yep, I think I need this very much. 

8. And then Ted Baker makes an appearance. Always welcome, though not often appreciated... unless I have a secret stash of money somewhere hidden, or I win the lottery, or someone makes a donation... guys? 

9. What is it about glittery 'tache pencil toppers that seem so inviting and needed? 

10. And there we have it! Ball pins! Surely they make the entire pinning process so much more fun!

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