Saturday, 27 September 2014

Autumnal Go-To Outfit

So, um, on a scale of 1 to 10 of how rebellious I felt - I would go for a firm 8.5 of a rebel chick. 
I photo-shot in the road. That's pretty unruly. 

I would have been up there with the 10s but I still skipped away when the cars came and tried to make as if I was crossing the road in case anyone saw me and felt inclined to become confused. I skip, it's how I get around. That knocked off 1.5 points.

Rocking out aside, this really is my go-to comfort outfit. 

I am seriously considering marking these jeans out as being crafted by unicorns with the tears of fluffy bunny rabbits and faeries. They are so so soft. Like soft white bread. 

And everyone needs a comfort look - other than the pyjamas-till-4 look, though that works just fine most days. Comfort is how I roll. Sassy comfort. It gives you the ability and deep-rooted power to whip out any item from your wardrobe and know you can turn some heads but you feel all day as though sleeping with the teddy bears. That's a professional skill, if you own it, milk it, thoroughly. 

Oh, and then the lighting changed. Meet Daniela the Vampire.

This top is the newest addition to my wardrobe, a seriously sexy one. I love love love getting a bargain - more than you. Seriously, what is better than nabbing a amazingly perfect Karen Millen evening top for 50p? 50-freaking-p! 

I'm bowing and you can applaud me later.

I love the crotchet effect on the top and I love how it's simple but effective slit in the lower side hem shows off a little skin, though not too much, so you can still utilise it as a chic day time top. I like that. I also happen to be head over heels for the colour; a metallic grey, not really silver though. Houses should be painted that colour. I want my room that colour. Take my money!

For me, when the cold weather makes an appearance, I like to rock up the red lipsticks and statement lips. I love the contrasting colours of the autumnal blues, greens and golds in the blanket scarf (my love for these beauties has reached worrying new heights), clashing with the matte cherry of the lipstick. 

Vans are not my vibe, really. I can get into these slip on faux leather shoes, though. They are so simplistically relaxed and monochrome - which I can totally get into - and seem to get into the groove of almost any outfit. I am truly loving the slip-on shoe trend this autumn. 

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