Monday, 29 September 2014

Autumnal Neutral Hues // Classic Outfit

So, it wasn't until after all the photos were taken that I realised how TERRIBLE my hair looks in every s i n g l e o  n  e. So the first one isn't so bad, I guess. 
The second one clearly had to be cropped - and oh, how needed it was!

This has been officially classified as my 'chic classic' autumn outfit. 
I feel it's necessary to have a classic, timeless collective to throw on and walk and be all 
'Hey, yep you, look how chic I can be'. 


Anyhoo, I love these pants. They add to the classic edged lines of the outfit so nicely. The colour is beautiful - autumnal and warm and beautifully tailored. Hello, my Polo Ralph Lauren trousers! 

(Serious exciting fashion stuff!)

No. Don't be too excited. They were passed down from my auntie. Forget that, though, because, frankly, who freaking cares? They're Polo Ralph Lauren. I care about that. As should you.

The shirt finishes off the tailoring perfectly and I like its slight sheerness (slight.), paired with my edgier nude buckle sandals for an ideal silhouetted outfit. 

10 Brownie points for whoever can spot the teddy bear plaster. It's seriously rad.

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