Monday, 28 December 2015

an end to the year

An update. I feel quite ill at the thought of having to do revision tomorrow - disgusting, cruel and yet inevitable. Like hairs in a communal pool. Incredibly unnecessary. I also feel actually nauseous and I am 100% blaming the dates and olive oil. And the roast potatoes. And biscuits, granola, nachos, cake, stuffing, bread, burgers, chips, mince pies, peanut butter, chocolate and Skittles. I have had a fabulous Christmas. Anyhoo, I'm sacrificing any New Year meals because I might actually vomit if I have to eat another thing that isn't literally diluted lemon juice.

Monday, 7 December 2015

finally denim and finally culottes

Do you remember the first time you saw culottes and you had that heart-wrenching love/hate reaction. Well, I did anyway. Over the years I have grown to absolutely love them. I bought my first pair on Sunday at Topshop in the sale for £7 after years of dreaming. Try telling me that's not a bargain. I always try to be adventurous and branch away from polonecks but it's futile and I always stick to what I know. I know polonecks

So, enjoy.

The world needs to take Christmas inspiration from Birmingham.

Pizza Express 05/12/15

PS. Premiere Inn have upgraded their breakfasts and it is probably the most fantastic thing to have happened to budget, family-friendly hotels suitable for lovely quick one night stayovers. I had a cinnamon and raisin bagel, a fruit and granola bowl, toast with beans, tomatoes and mushrooms and tea and juice. Thx. And it was all vegan friendly. Also, they invested in peanut butter. Life gets better when the peanut butter comes out.