Monday, 28 December 2015

an end to the year

An update. I feel quite ill at the thought of having to do revision tomorrow - disgusting, cruel and yet inevitable. Like hairs in a communal pool. Incredibly unnecessary. I also feel actually nauseous and I am 100% blaming the dates and olive oil. And the roast potatoes. And biscuits, granola, nachos, cake, stuffing, bread, burgers, chips, mince pies, peanut butter, chocolate and Skittles. I have had a fabulous Christmas. Anyhoo, I'm sacrificing any New Year meals because I might actually vomit if I have to eat another thing that isn't literally diluted lemon juice.

Another scary thought. Three days left of 2015. I was definitely less confused in May when I thought the year had only just begun. There was still time to reflect and accomplish something. Now I feel suddenly incredibly pressured to think of some crazy resolutions that won't stay with me longer than a week or two, spring clean my room and work some bonus hours into a super clean new-year-new-me healthy eating plan. Maybe I need to go bungee jumping or discover the first unicorn to really make this year pop. 

However exciting finding a real unicorn may sound, I hate to burst your bubble, but I have already found one. Sprinkletto lives in our back garden. We feed her gold dust. It's a real financial burden. 

2015 has truly been a great year. It felt mandatory to jump on the bandwagon and find out what my #2015bestnine Instagram photos. Turns out people like it when I take photos of colourful Lush bubbles and heavily-staged changing room photos. I like those too. 

Key discoveries, events and lessons learnt:

You cannot make heart-shaped pancakes unless you have a diploma in making heart-shaped pancakes. It is impossible. You just end up with a weird triangle. And don't think that buying a mould will help. It is all lies.
The best selfies are taken upside down or at least hanging half off a bed.
Edinburgh is well worth a visit. Exhibit A, B
This was the year my friends became roped in and officially took on the task of being my outfit photographers. I'm going to say they enjoy it. 
Lauren Fern Watt and Gizelle - the kindest and most loving friendship to be seen.
I went on the most amazing holiday in the summer to Switzerland and a tiny break in Italy, too. 
Dancing Man was told to keep dancing and I loved humanity entirely.

And so, seeing as we now have no up and coming celebrations before the new year and we have entered the most awkward week (do I still sing carols and should I re-watch Deck The Halls?), I will give thanks. Thanks for Alex Pettyfer. Thanks for the Kardashians. Thanks for Silento's Watch Me - it was a good alternative to Zumba. Thanks for Jamie Oliver's roast potato recipe. Thanks for Pinterest. Thanks for sharing celebrity snapchat names. Thanks for Justin Bieber. Thanks for post-Christmas sales. Thanks for plentiful food, a safe home, a wonderful family, brilliant friends, incredible talents, the ability to use those talents and hope for another year.

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