Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Ways To Delight When School Is On Halt

School has it's merits, equitably it's downfalls too, yet be that as it may - a two week Easter break can truthfully be splendidly nice. I've had a cracking two-week break. Well, besides from unknowingly putting a metal bowl into the microwave . Picture a flustered hot mess, that's me. Picture an even hotter flaming microwave, that's the microwave. Let's say you guessed that much on your own.

I'm sure it's all karmic... I get it. I'm on high alert. I have that sixth sense feeling I might encounter a similar version of a flustered me sometime in the near future. It's understandable; I have that list of people I would gladly oppose in a probably-verbal, no-contact-please lady fight. I'm not very concerned. It's normal? It's the kitchens version of heated, culinary based dry humour. Not my idealistic representation of gastronomical fun. Yours?

Let's discuss this holiday. It's been serious business.

Monday, 14 April 2014

I made Pear Fruit Rolls

I planned a post for this week; something about the things I eats a new-found vegan. I even wrote notes. But things don't always go as planned, yanno? So I'm just going to write about the snacks I eat. I find meals much easier than snacks. My snack menu usually just rotates around fruit and spaghetti hoops. Not all that inventive to the taste buds or eyes. 

After severe, creatively-straining Pinterest scrolling; I complied a list for myself of snacks I wished to make, and have now tried and tested. I made a list because that's what I do, I'm a list maker. The results varied from spectacularly delightful to surprisingly and disappointingly mediocre. 

One of the more pleasing cookings came in the form of a Pear Fruit Roll. Call it fruit leather, if you wish to do so. I've been meaning to make fruit rolls for too long. I'm really great at procrastinating...