Sunday, 31 January 2016

Rough But Pretty @ Saint Laurent SS16

  • 90's/80's
  • LET'S BRING ANIMAL PRINTS BACK. Beautiful faux animal prints do not deserve to be hidden in a middle-aged charity shop
  • varied textures
  • tiara's are the key to my soul, to life in general and to a nice view when you look in the mirror
  • my favourite colours in one outfit
  • you're getting undressed and decide to go get pizza before you can take your shoes, leather jacket and jewellery off
  • dainty but rock chick
  • Glastonbury vibes
  • a princess got sidetracked by a rough party night
  • last season's royal trend never left. It evolved and only got better - like eating cold pizza the next day
  • maximalism's representative

Saturday, 30 January 2016

My Shoulders Are Cold

How much do I love having bare shoulders? Let me count the reasons.

Forget Procrastination. This Was My Weekend.

How can I have a good weekend? Is it strange that I am suddenly very inspired to do something entrepreneurial just because I watched The Chef? I'm going to say no, it's very normal. I am also incredibly excited for the summer. I'M GOING TO MIAMI GUYS. The dealio is we are going to Florida for 2 weeks and Palm Beach for 1 week but of course I am not leaving without setting foot in the next best thing after Cuba. Mom, Dad - 2019 = Cuba? I feel like I've been waiting for this weekend all week. I feel so ready to have a good break and rest, you know?

7 Style Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

Instagram is such a fickle thing. It’s a high-maintenance platinum blonde 70’s blow-dried perm and Snapchat is a fun and flirty natural brunette bob. When is optimum-posting time? How soon should you pass 11 likes? Can you have a feed style? All these very severe, socially-threatening questions seem to be consuming. We can’t even post a photo anymore before adding a filter. I love Instagram for two reasons. 1) I get to admire everyone living on the other side of the planet, 15 years older than me, with an actual real-life job and salary and actual real-life beautiful clothing; and 2) I get to share my own life and raise those 3/10 days to at least a strong 7. Thx filters. Late disclaimer: follow me here and everywhere. *Cheeky smile*.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

My 100 Things To Be Happy About

Some mid-week nostalgia or dreams (take it how you will) to get you through the week.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Jean Shrimpton Style Files

This week has been a series of confused mornings, unfocused days, a few crazy evenings of Netflix and very exhausted nights. I seriously hope it isn't just me, but my to-do list seems to get bigger instead of smaller. Every time I cross something off, I add three more. I have been working endlessly and I can't see the stop sign anywhere nearby. It's like my feet are not actually on the ground, I'm just floating. And the worst part is, I can't actually name one single productive thing I have done. Every pastry has been in my mouth. Not just in my mouth... in my digestive system, of course - I swallowed them all. I have also made crying a habit because, tell mewhy do I need to know how Spain might be, hypothetically, planting a field of orange trees in order to produce more eco-friendly biofuels? I am also 98% certain that I lost a good fraction of my lower molars because I decided to unscrew a nail varnish bottle lid that may as well have been super-glued down.