Sunday, 31 January 2016

Rough But Pretty @ Saint Laurent SS16

  • 90's/80's
  • LET'S BRING ANIMAL PRINTS BACK. Beautiful faux animal prints do not deserve to be hidden in a middle-aged charity shop
  • varied textures
  • tiara's are the key to my soul, to life in general and to a nice view when you look in the mirror
  • my favourite colours in one outfit
  • you're getting undressed and decide to go get pizza before you can take your shoes, leather jacket and jewellery off
  • dainty but rock chick
  • Glastonbury vibes
  • a princess got sidetracked by a rough party night
  • last season's royal trend never left. It evolved and only got better - like eating cold pizza the next day
  • maximalism's representative

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