Sunday, 3 January 2016

5X Fashion Book Wishlist

I like books and I like them even more when I can learn something from them. Incoming: the fashion book. The greatest variety - photography, street style inspiration, biographies, witty journals, design inspiration, history and style files. Literally, take it where you will. These are some of the books I have wanted to read for ages. I find that fashion books, because of the huge variety, can either make perfect coffee table reads, casual five-minutes-to-spare toilet break reads or more intense night time reads. I also love to pore over the pages and gather up every tiny inference on style. After watching The November Issue, I love Grade Coddington more than ever and to read her memoir feels like the right next step. Kate Moss by Mario Testino - why wouldn't I want to gawk at beautiful photography and a stunning model. I have wanted to read The Sartorialist forever. I discovered the blog a few years ago. I think it is a must-have for style inspo. Fashion Designers Sketchbooks looks so amazing. I was not born with the designing gene and probably will never become a fashion designer, yet really would love to learn more about the long process from an idea to a shop. I just think the insight would be so interesting and would also help with styling issues - to know how to fit clothing, body shapes, cuts and colours. I have been major into the Parisian life recently and therefore really really really want to read How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are. I've actually wanted this book since I saw it on a shelf at Urban Outfitters (always a good sign). Again, I want this book because I am getting vibes of good #ootd inspo and just plain funny content. 

I need to get to the library. Maybe I can run to the library after I eat my raw shredded carrot salad and drink a litre of infused water as part of my New Year 2016 become-the-sparkliest-you diet plan. Maybe.

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