Tuesday, 26 January 2016

My 100 Things To Be Happy About

Some mid-week nostalgia or dreams (take it how you will) to get you through the week.

Finding a film on Netflix in under 5 minutes that the whole family will enjoy

A fresh razor

Hot cinnamon rolls with icing

Any film with Ryan Gosling in

Any film with Adam Sandler in

Buying organic fruit

Fruit rolls

Lush bath melts

Giving yourself a pamper

Moisturising after having a bath or shower

Silky smooth legs after shaving

Really fancy bathrooms

Marble counter tops

Waking up and feeling fresh

Lemon tea

Action thrillers

Actually funny comedies

The Kardashians

Finding a great bargain

Young Johnny Depp

Young Leonardo DiCaprio

Toffee popcorn

Sleeping in newly washed bed linen

Brownies just out of the oven

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Going out for breakfast

The satisfaction of putting together a fabulous outfit

Going on a family walk

Racking up the likes on Instagram

Eating the best vegetable burger you've ever eaten

Eating the best anything you've ever eaten

Finding complete peace

Waking up in a tent because the birds chirped too loud

Jam tarts

Unique names

Sunny and warm days

The first night in a hotel

The first morning on holiday

Finishing writing a brilliant blog post

Getting a seat on a really busy train

Finding a sufficient amount of money in a pocket

Organising your bag

The smell of sausages as you wake up

Getting a compliment

Lovely handwriting

Finding the perfect pair of jeans

When your cat stays still and lets you stroke her for longer than 10 minutes

A great bikini bod

The feeling after a successful gym session

The feeling when you actually motivate yourself to go to the gym

Doing absolutely no work on

Finishing all your work for the day in under 2 hours


Double chocolate cake

Perfectly ripe mangoes

Realising the CSI crime solution before it is revealed

Street style inspiration on Pinterest

Giving a compliment

Getting a freebie

Taking an incredible selfie

Snowy mornings

Spaghetti hoops on toast

A really ruthless spring clean

Being upgraded on a plane

Ice cream floats

Sweet and sour sauce

Christmas hymns

Peanut butter and syrup

1920's slang

Really good listeners

The bread basket on a table

Complimentary biscuits

A stunning view


Colourful mandalas

Early bedtimes

Paprika salt on fries

Cars of the 1960's

Cars of the 1970's

Finding out your IQ

A gripping book

Gospel singing

Looking through old photos

Recalling last night's dream

Having a happy dream

Being the hero of your dream

Facts of the day

The fluffy inside of a crusty roll

Homemade bread

Perfectly twirled spaghetti on a fork


Lunch in a brown paper bag

Morgan Freeman's voice

Camp food

Ellen DeGeneres

Waking up and falling back asleep because you still have time

Afternoon naps

Toilets with hooks on the door

Cheap things that look expensive

Vegetable crisps


  1. Johnny Depp & Leo DiCaprio. Yes yes yes. Love them. Vegetable crisps are amazing as well. :]

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  2. Cute photos :)
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    Maria V.