Monday, 4 January 2016

The Best Jeans From Levi

You know that moment when you are sitting in one corner of the room with your laptop and the cable is far away on the other side of the room. In the previous scene of this tragic film, you over ate on spring rolls and so now have no effort to get up and get the cable. Anyway, even if you did, the cable would obviously not stretch to anywhere even close to the plug socket. Obviously. And so now you have approximately 40 seconds to write a blog post.

It also happens to be New Year's Eve. Question: who invented the late-evening party? I mean, how is that considered fun? My kind of friend social is brunch, a summer barbecue, shopping, sleeping, baking. Literally anything in the day. I would gladly have a full on rager - in the middle of the day. SOz but night time is for sleeping, bathing or watching films in pyjamas. Thx.

Changing topics swiftly. Last Sunday's major discussion point was these jeans. I definitely think I have mastered the skirt street  style - considering I have not worn pants for, like, the last year; because a) the things in my wardrobe just didn't fit anymore, or b) the things I were trying on in shops just fitted badly and made me look frumpy or short or they were loose and saggy (you know the drill). And so, when luck struck and I tried these jeans on in Levi, it seemed as though the universe had suddenly shifted and those horoscopes from 2013 had suddenly come true. 

I got the jeans on sale for £35 - from Levi. I was prepared to pay £45 or £50 from other stores that I had browsed online. They fit me perfectly. They feel very high quality, the denim is thick and shaping; the colour is gorgeous - dark and with grey undertones but still very much blue. A little tip I learnt from Gok Wan back in the day, back pockets should be very large and very wide spread to make your bum look perkier and more toned. I feel like a million dollars wearing them. The 
pièce de résistance. 

Tbh, I'm really just looking forward to being able to pull on a pair of jeans on a lazy weekend day because sometimes having to pair an outfit with black tights every single day gets a bit tiresome and there are only so many different ways to wear black tights. Like, maybe 100 ways.

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