Sunday, 10 April 2016

Inside Sketch, London

11 Stylish Films I Want To Watch On The Next Rainy Day

Because it's nice to imagine a day when you might actually have time to watch a film.

I can smell the summer holidays from here. *endless free time* I'm sitting on my couch. I've just started watching Atlantis because I binge-watched 3 seasons Reign in one month - 100% recommend. The summer smells like rainbows, daisies, swirly fashion photography and sticky wet bikinis covered in sun cream. Mostly sun cream, tbh. What better way to spend  3 months than by watching endless stylish films, making lists of the beautiful clothes worn by the most beautiful, stylish characters in said films, and then maybe wearing aforementioned outfits in a dream? Bonus points if you can make the list whilst simultaneously a) watching a second film, b) maybe eating some carrot cake and c) be fluid and free.

Just to clarify, stylish films are 10x better than non-stylish films because the stylish-ness has been scientifically (unofficially-ish) proven to increase IQ. It also serves as an excellent inspiration source. High five.