Sunday, 28 December 2014

Blog Picks 2014

My winter brain (because that's totally a thing) is heading into overdrive. I am not coping well. My nose has had way too much fun and I have lost so much blood (ahem *nose bleeds*). Mom, I swear this is the end for me. I also have been unable to breathe properly for the last few nights - thanks to my knockout cold - meaning I haven't been able to sleep properly and I am really tired in the day. Also, the nation of TV producers appear to have forgotten it's CHRISTMAS IN TWO DAYS because there are literally no Christmas related shows/films anywhere to be seen. Seriously. Sort that out now please. I am pining for some Christmas with the Kranks and Deck the Halls in my life right now.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

'14 Christmas Gift Guide

I feel really inadequate this Christmas in the wishlist forte because I happen to have only asked for two items max. I don't think I have fully maxed my wishlist knowledge by only desiring two items (a camera and jeans) and I would feel hopeless doing an entire post on two items. I'm covering this lack of wishing with an amassed collection of gift guides. Get so ready.

I love, really love, finding the perfect gift for somebody. I have the best (worst, I'm an awful spy) ways of getting secrets out of someone and I love discreetly finding out what they really really want for Christmas. There is nothing worse than a gift unwanted or unused. I love finding them something they didn't realise they wanted but absolutely love, or something they kinda fancied but would never have bought. I also love love hand-making someones gift - I have an aptitude for hampers.

In the proper spirit of gift guides, I made you a collage. It got pretty long but here's a little breakdown.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas To-Do List '14

Christmas for the sake of Christmas is just perfect. 

I highly recommend staying in your pyjamas past midday and not washing for one extra day than usual. It feels simply fantastic. It's probably not the most hygenic or appealing way of life, although who decides what the 'normal' happens to be during this month of the year. Exactly - embrace Christmas for the sake of Christmas. 

Bake more cookies than any average person sees fit and use the seasonal opportunity to wear the most impressive and flashy Chrustmas jumper. Let's all make extraaordinarily large hot chocolates topped with cream and the fancy cocoa powder from Starbucks and see how many cinnamon biscuits we can stuff in our mouth. The answer is 2.5. Be careful. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Top Vegan Christmas Recipes

I currently have only two settings dans la cuisine. I am either full-on creative Pinterest-assured wholefoods vegan, or the really poopy ready-foods vegan with way too much peanut butter and digestives. There is no inbetween. It is utterly ridiculous that I can eat so healthily and happily for so long and then I just have one uncontrollable binge session - really fun at the time, not so great the half hour after. Or the day after.

It happens to be the time of year again when maple syrup and cranberries become hugely popular again for my tastebuds.

I have talked about this before so just enjoy the fact that I've found 9 (It's killing me too) of the best, easiest vegan Christmas recipes. This Christmas I am super prepared and have pre-baked, par-boiled and roasted all possible freezable dishes. Like, seriously, I have it under control. My family always end up making too much food, far more than any normal family could possibly eat. As in 3 different Christmas Day breakfasts, not one, not potentially two, 3. I am, however, as prepared as one could get for those 3 breakfasts. 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Top 3 No Effort Home Workouts

I seem to be a process lover, opposed to an outcome lover. 

I will gladly bake a 5 hour recipe cake and eat none of it. But seriously, who turns down the opportunity to full-body cover themselves in flour (sivved) and get the free theraputic squidge of butter inbetween their fingers (Don't try this, butter doesn't seem to wash off)? 

The same applies when I want to do anything fitness related. It takes so much self-motivation for me to get moving, but when I'm going, I really go. Like 98% full-speed-ahead go (2% knocked because of the 2 helpings I had earlier, again not listed among ideas that are good).

I love the steady improvement and development and the congratulatory buzz you get from doing excersize. Despite my willingness to get up and do anything active, I like to keep it fairly simple and I just want to be comfy when I'm doing it - no instructor, no equiptment, no money, not much time, very little effort. 

It's the weekend which means it's time to do really easy stuff and only eat things straight from the oven, preferably covered in maple syrup. Home workouts are a beautiful creation by the guy who created home workouts - a being I will continue to support. They open up a myriad of opportunities to watch TV whilst doing sit-ups. I still rank not having seen anyone at the gym watch TV whilst doing sit-ups as a missed opportunity and on my list of 10 things that probably will never be as comfy as they could be at home. 

I am so ready to blast anyone with the argument that you need more motivation to do home workouts because you have a pillow so near. TV and sit-ups. Food in the fridge. 

These are my top home workouts. Arms, Bottom, Thighs, Core.

Also, my Healthy Pinterest board is getting so much more love lately. 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Way Too Early Christmas Inspiration

So here's the dealio. 

This post started out indefinitely as Pinterest/tumblr inspiration and major tribute post. I don't think that was the way to go, and the Christmas fever caught me in a moment of serious vulnrability (I was drinking hot chocolate. It wasn't me.)

Pinterest, through November to January, is nothing more than a hive buzz of red and green sparkle. It's like a second home to me. I've been feeding off a Pinterest enthusiasm lately (holla to new wifi for supplementing the mindset).

Searching 'Christmas' on Pinterest opens up a miriad of possibilities and you feel, for just 5 seconds, that you actually might be able to conquer those veganized red velvet pancakes with cream cheese frosting stacked on a snowman plate. 

It's a short lived incentive.

Christmas is obviously the beginning and end of all festivities and holidays. 

There is no other answer. 

Easter? Wrong answer. Pancake Tuesday? So wrong. Halloween? Not even close. 

Christmas makes Holiday Peppermint Cream Puffs have a place in society. Christmas gives making a pizza in the shape of a snowman some sense, and puts those Christmas haters in their place (because cinnamon applesauce biscuit tree ornaments have come to town). 

I don't think there is such a thing as Christmas hater. 

That would be ridiculous, seriously.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Tartan Trendspiration. Autumn

This has been a trend I have been seriously grooving to, deep in the tune. I have done my research and stolen as many skirts as would fit into my drawers from my sister. Borrowed on a whim. A whim to not pay a gazillion pounds from Ubran Outfitters. 

I have gotten quite attached to the collection now. Although they are all a little on the skimpish small side. Tartan.

I doubt she has yet noticed. 

I love how tartan can either look grungy, or classy. Super soft-grunge (Mom. I'm all soft-grunge now.) or ultra school-girl chic. I love how they are the absolute feature piece of any outfit, and can be paired with simple minimalistic extras.

In other news, tonight was the night I had free time and a decent idea for a blog post, yet no photos to actually use. Let us vaguely examine the ridicule that tonight has been. 


Should we talk about the last season-ending episode of Downton Abbey?
Right. I wasn't emotionally stable enough to go there yet either.

Ps. This is my 100th post. Don't go back to the beginning. It's really not nice down there.

Monday, 10 November 2014

A Christmas Kinda' Red

Winter undeniably does have it's benefits. Other than hosting the obvious best time of year, Christmas - and need I really say more - winter is finally cold enough to let me wear my annual pinafore. 

Annual because I wait the best part of all year round to wear this cherry red corduroy pinafore. I feel quite partial to a bit of corduroy lately. And I have definitely been loving me a large bit polo necks (see: this, this, definitely this, probably this too.)

Corduroy just happens to be so wintery and textured - which we all know is the greatest mark of living fashion.

Everyone thinks they need a little black dress. Everyone happens to be so very confused. What everyone really needs is a LRD, little red dress (you know the one). Why is red such a shyed away from colour. Wearing red gives you more confidence than Kanye and gives you all the extra sparkle needed when doing that crazy shoulder bop to Destiny's Child.

On a side note: I have discovered the snazziest French artist, Stromae. His music is seriously rocking out at the top of most played songs on my playlist. Everything has a artsy cool vibe and his videos are way better than anything Arianna Grande. It happens to be very hard to avoid anything Arianna Grande nowadays. 

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Black Tartan Dreamin'

I'm currently swimming in a pool of sad and lonely regret. I think it might just possibly be time to let go of autumn but winters not yet here. Seriously though, let's go over this. Why would anyone enjoy the not-quite-anything period between autumn and winter. I mean, it doesn't even snow. 

A polo neck sweatshirt is all you ever need in autumn... and winter. It is the crazy nicest feeling to have warm hugs going on all over the neck regions; and polonecks just seem to work up real magic with every outfit thrown at them - all seasons round. They have a bit of a bad reputation, insane really, and I have no idea why someone wouldn't want warm hugs around their neck.

With the Christmas stretch coming up and with it the annual family photo; you may seriously want to consider investing in one. Also you could just wear it every day from September to April. Don't deny this infatuation. 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Getting through Friday.

The Internet has been buzzing this week. Tomorrow I offered myself back up for torment by pen and paper. I'm back at school. There are plenty of mixed emotions going on at the moment - potentially getting more 'Give me the cocoa', than 'Let's go'. This week has been filled with many a snooze. I am really attempting to stock up on hibernating energy to use up at a later stage. Let's make this Sunday a last sigh of relief. 

Here are some links to get us through that train journey... beats akward eye contact. 

I'm 100% sure I have mentioned Justina, from A Bent Piece of Wire, before. Here. Major fashion wins. 

Ellie's Favourite Things. Another hands-down perfect blog read. So much fashion inspiration and love heading that way.

Midi rings have been a serious late-comer into my life. I feel like they have been very 'in' for a while now. Still, they are currently reigning supreme on my hands and in the autumnal forte. 

Manchester will always be there for me. I highly depend on the city buzz and on Instagram to document my spendings. In short: follow my Instagram

Joy, from Joy the Baker, is another must-read. I enjoyed a pleasant binge reading session this week, catching up on permisson and bourbon filled recipes.

I have recently discovered ASOS' Personal Stylists. Go fashion stalk them. @asos_megan/@meganellaby wears a mean jumpsuit. 

Pinterest sprees have re-entered my social calender. I happen to be terribly sociable. Has there ever been a boring Pinterest session? I think no.

There is now a Wizarding world inspired hotel in London. There is now also a perfect opportunity to scream, jump for joy, fangirl away and realise that it costs £200 per night. "the rooms feature four-poster beds, trunks emblazoned with Harry Potter's initials, cauldrons, candles, potion bottles, and assorted gothic touches that evoke the Hogwarts spirit." Fact.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Casual Boot + Dress Action // Autumn

Is it too late to don this coming month as autumn? 

I now officially need gloves at every outdoor (and indoor) event and my feet are asking more and more for the thicker knitted socks. 

Enough chit to the chat, this 'autumn' - I'm still clinging on - has brought us plenty of over-knee boot action, the whole 'art student' edit and autumn without tweed is just simply a crime. It's been a while since I perused the deeper depths of my wardrobe, pulling out my Joules striped smock/tunic/shift (what is it?) dress. So many wins! 

It's not every day you find a dress that deserves a standalone rave but this is just so comfy, easy to wear, seasonal and clean cut. I love the dusky blue which completely rocks out in both winter and summer, paired with the clear white. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lifestyle Blogs Pick

 (Note: a completely irrelevant photo, which felt quintessentially autumnal and it was a really good pizza. If autumn is your forte, check out this and this. Many wins.)

I've really been switching up the blogs I read lately. Sometimes I drift from my regulars to newly discovered babies, and then back again. The thing about blogs is, I love them. I love snooping into other peoples lives and listing new mid-week resolutions I would like to copy (never actually works out). I love getting inspiration and ideas and seeing everyone else's Pinterest lives. 

And it's autumn now, (is it really still autun, though?) which changes the whole game. Thing is, I'm way ahead of the game. For example, yesterday I wore woollen tights. Point proven. 

Also, that means my blog list has to change - all according to the seasons - albeit not really relevant to the season in any way. 

So I've been loving lifestyle blogs, which is really just a code name for a bit of everything with really nice photos. YES PLEASE. 

And it must be a side effect of blogging because I don't really go for blogs that don't write/read well. The writing as well as the photos have to grab me. I'm totally fine with that though, it thrusts me into the world of radical, sassy, sensational, groovy and other very exciting words, and it makes me try new things. 

Like Joy's blog. Joy The Baker has been on the list for months and months now. I am in love with her Let it be Sunday series and I love actually reading her posts. Bonus: She bakes and makes food heaven too. 

I don't know what took me so long to become this crazy about these blogs but seriously, it is too far overdue. Anna and Lily are literally amazing and their blogs just happen to be jam packed with delicious lifestyle-y goodness - so just a bit of everything, then. I've really been digging their beauty posts and holiday packing guides. Good stuff. 

I am happy Daniela whenever Ellie posts something new. Ellie's Favourite Things is a mixture between a fashion and lifestyle blog - really excellent then. I have a deep-rooted love for her posts, but really, her Uni room did enough to convince me, so gold stars all round. I quite especially love her outfit inspiration. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Quintessentially-Autumnal Comfort

Right. So when I look at this outfit, I see autumn. Autumn is for wearing no bra (except I most definitely was wearing a bra), and pairing every shoe ensemble with hidden knitted socks beneath them. This outfit essencially screams autumn - what with the super-comfy denim and sleeveless high-necked sweater (you like?). I like. This outfit is casual and comfortable and doesn't read 'I just threw on my wardrobe' per say. It's much more 'I woke up like dis', in distinction. which is good because you really pull of the whole sassy but not really trying vibe. Brown, red, classic, simple, and a subtle vintage feel. The eyeliner was thrown in for a necessary head-turn... 

Autumn plays so many mind games with us - like, is it even autumn still. We're nearly in November,people, I think I'm still managing to cling on quite well. I think the real question is, when does it become socially acceptable to walk around in your Halloween costume - before Halloween? 

I've spoken too much.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Bright on the Tartan Trend // Autumn

So I went a little overboard with the tartan trend. So what. I sensibly and intelligently selected to wear this aqua blue tartan skirt, in a very right mind frame and completely serious. I think it turned out pretty well. I hope your tartan trend life is as aggressivly aesthetic as this. 

Consider me an occasional fan of polo necks. Its totally an autumn/winter thing. I love a good, cosy polo neck to pair with any wintery ensamble, and a really minimalistic, clean poloneck is the perfect addition to a denim edit. My parents were early adopters of polo necks - back in the day. I think I wore a decent amount of them as a child and the pattern continues nicely.

Out of the wardrobe came this tartan skirt and this polo neck together, so I obviously had try them together. I am genuinely pleased. The denim jacket is an optional, but I kinda like the overall effect. The bright cherry lips pull out the pinks in the skirt, plus I feel all swish and sassy so, #whynot? The converse add to the whole 90's trend and really tones down the outfit to way below the casual marker. I like that. 

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Top Autumn Make-Up Trends


1. The season after summer and before winter.
2. The best time to model warm toned make-up.

I’m not much of a big makeup wearer – skin coverage wise – but I do love to sport a statement lip or eye set, a heavy brow, or rosy cheeks – while still showing a clear natural skin palette. This season I have been leaning towards a few subtle yet audacious looks. I've been a total sucker for late-night Pinterest inspiration finding. Pinterest is such a funky place - it's like a rabbit hole of creativity controlled by smoothie enthusiasts and crazy-amazing DIY-ists. (In short, follow my Pinterest).

All the autumnal hues and colours are so warming and dark – slightly gothic, while still sweet with a Snow White appearance. I seem to choose winey purples, deep reds, golds, browns, olivey greens and indigo blues, when selecting aesthetic colours. Good stuff.

Editing autumn beauty down to a few key trends, I am 500% loving the dark blotted stained lip look – absolutely PERFECT for autumn, golden eyes (which make me feel, like, 8.5/10 pro make up artist – despite their super simple smudge application), heavy set defining brows and rosy pink cheeks. I’m getting brownie points to do serious damage with. The simple clear skin trend is so time-saving and flawless to recreate. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

80's Tartan Reign // Autumn

I am fully enjoying the sartorial throwback to all things vintage – 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. I am loving midi skirts this season –it’s a good season - and am completely letting polo neck reign supreme in my wardrobe – which is 100% OK. 

I am totally crushing on being able to take one very vintage, unique and aesthetically crazy statement piece; and pair it with much more simpler, under-key, modern tastes to tone down the outfit. (It is absolutely socially acceptable to live in the vintage trend, please go ahead.).

I added this skirt to my collection after it had been worn for decades by my mom and made by my granny, years before. I wholly dig the idea of being able to revamp and recycle something otherwise out of style that would most definitely have ended up in the rubbish.  I think I put a casual and edgy 80’s twist on the midi tartan skirt – so mission complete.

Other perks? This outfit is the real deal: so strangely comfortable and wearable, I hit the autumn trends and I especially love the headscarf, vintage denim jacket, black biker boots and bright cherry lips – perfect for autumn 500% (HUZZAH!)

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sixties Trend Inspiration

When you're desperate for a hippo, all you do is look at pictures of hippos. When you want to get a pet stick insect, you maniacally search stick insect collar tags, right? The sixties trend is my best friend at the moment. I am majorly digging the swing dresses and high-knee boots and polo-neck sweatshirts are developing my autumn game big time. So when you want to look like you hopped in a time machine and walked out from the sixties, you just go Pinterest-crazy on the trend inspiration. I do. 

I want to give myself mini goals to get out of this urban fashion nonsense. I'm getting into berets and I'm not fighting it. I also want to conquer the idea of knee-high socks and I am super doting on cat-eye flicked eyeliner and pale stockings. And dang gurl, they had some sassy bouffant hairstyles!

Cat-eye flicked eyelier seems like a good idea to begin with, but then somewhere along the line I get suspicious of my inability to match the lines. I really just need a full-time make up artist. 

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(Photos 'borrowed' from Pinterest)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

60's Inspired Swing Dress // Autumn

My family are more of a summer kin. That's where I stick out - I happen to be very much an autumn girl. I just want to put on my wellies and raincoat and go and play in the rain. No shame there.

I've been yet to join in the high-boot/ over-the-knee boot game. I was unusually reluctant to play with that game, for obvious reasons. I have now, however, fully thrust myself into the autumnal footwear trend scene, what with my new ADORABLE boots! If there is one outfit that deserves to be in the spotlight, it's this one. 

Over-the-knee boots are the bombshell when it comes to footwear. I am majorly crushing on my newly found elongated legs - *why thank you* - and the slim fit is super flattering. I really want to wear them with extra-skinny jeans or black sheer stockings and an oversized jumper.

So many outfits, so little autumn...

I love the 60's take on this swing dress - I'm really digging the aw14 trends. I have always been into the 60's style, now more than ever - thus the cat-eyed eyeliner and bouffant. With the hint of crisp in the air (AND TODAY IT STORMED AND I WAS SO HAPPY), I've seriously been loving thicker, more textured materials. Hello to the courdrouys, velvets, tweeds. All fingers point to this dress. 

I also am very pleased to report that I did not accessorise at all, because I tried to fit in with the minimalistic crowd. And it worked, I think, for this look, because the individual pieces work together  but all are very much statement pieces alone. All about teamwork. It also allowed me to fit into the 'effortlessly cool' and 'chic' categories.. so, we're winning. 

These boots need to be my autumn staple. Need.

My gorgeous hair is thanks to my lovely best friend, Beatrice;
and the make-up and photography is thanks to my other lovely best friend, Shannon... and her new camera - so thanks Shannon's parents.