Sunday, 7 December 2014

Top Vegan Christmas Recipes

I currently have only two settings dans la cuisine. I am either full-on creative Pinterest-assured wholefoods vegan, or the really poopy ready-foods vegan with way too much peanut butter and digestives. There is no inbetween. It is utterly ridiculous that I can eat so healthily and happily for so long and then I just have one uncontrollable binge session - really fun at the time, not so great the half hour after. Or the day after.

It happens to be the time of year again when maple syrup and cranberries become hugely popular again for my tastebuds.

I have talked about this before so just enjoy the fact that I've found 9 (It's killing me too) of the best, easiest vegan Christmas recipes. This Christmas I am super prepared and have pre-baked, par-boiled and roasted all possible freezable dishes. Like, seriously, I have it under control. My family always end up making too much food, far more than any normal family could possibly eat. As in 3 different Christmas Day breakfasts, not one, not potentially two, 3. I am, however, as prepared as one could get for those 3 breakfasts. 

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