Sunday, 28 December 2014

Blog Picks 2014

My winter brain (because that's totally a thing) is heading into overdrive. I am not coping well. My nose has had way too much fun and I have lost so much blood (ahem *nose bleeds*). Mom, I swear this is the end for me. I also have been unable to breathe properly for the last few nights - thanks to my knockout cold - meaning I haven't been able to sleep properly and I am really tired in the day. Also, the nation of TV producers appear to have forgotten it's CHRISTMAS IN TWO DAYS because there are literally no Christmas related shows/films anywhere to be seen. Seriously. Sort that out now please. I am pining for some Christmas with the Kranks and Deck the Halls in my life right now.

On the other end of this winter scale, all I want to do is read everyone's gift guides and eat dark-chocolate-coated-brazillian-nuts (not Christmas related). This holiday season I've taken to eating those chocolate nuts whilst reading my favourite blogs. I can now tell you my favourite blogs of this year in a perfect list. 

That was by far my best lead in as of yet. Praise me.

There is also somehing really happy-making about discovering a new blog that has some wonderous sparkle going for it. It would be fair to say that I get about as excited to find a new blog that makes me want to keep reading on, as I do when I read that leg-split skirts are back on trend. (That was an absolute joke, please understand my sense of humour and never ever hold me to wearing one. I am never wearing a leg-split skirt, she says.)

Style Bubble (I love everything 100% too much, such fashion inspo.)
Helibells (Crazy funky and so aesthetic.)
A Bent Piece Of Wire (So overwhelmed by fabulous, everything is compelled to go on Instagram)
Ulimali (Beautiful beautiful fashion and makeup.)
Chelsea Jade Loves (Brilliant vintage sparkle printed genius.)
Minimalist Baker (I'm hitting the food life. Hard. Vegan style.)
Pages by Megan (ASOS Personal Stylist, this lady needs a style award.)
Ellie's Favourite Things (Such sass and style.)
Eclectic Fashion (Just let me steal her wardrobe. Minimalistic perfection.)
Georgia Luisa Meramo (Does it mean I've made it if I steal her wardrobe and house?)
Easy Tiger (Just goals in general. All round.)
A Beautiful Mess (Like a stocking filler, post edition. Such goodness in my blog feed, all the time, every day.)
Vivianna Does Makeup (I should buy more makup and take photos of it.)
Joy The Baker (I want to be friends. Let's be friends. You cook for me and tell me jokes. I'll eat and laugh.)
Essie Button (The cutest lifestyle blog in a nutshell.)
Lily Pebbles (So lovely.)
Advanced Style (Turn me into a man, then give me this dudes style.)
Cider with Rosie (Food photography beauty all over.)
Parfasseux (Gee, this girl has some serious fashion skills. Kinda chic, kinda edgy.)

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