Wednesday, 17 December 2014

'14 Christmas Gift Guide

I feel really inadequate this Christmas in the wishlist forte because I happen to have only asked for two items max. I don't think I have fully maxed my wishlist knowledge by only desiring two items (a camera and jeans) and I would feel hopeless doing an entire post on two items. I'm covering this lack of wishing with an amassed collection of gift guides. Get so ready.

I love, really love, finding the perfect gift for somebody. I have the best (worst, I'm an awful spy) ways of getting secrets out of someone and I love discreetly finding out what they really really want for Christmas. There is nothing worse than a gift unwanted or unused. I love finding them something they didn't realise they wanted but absolutely love, or something they kinda fancied but would never have bought. I also love love hand-making someones gift - I have an aptitude for hampers.

In the proper spirit of gift guides, I made you a collage. It got pretty long but here's a little breakdown.

1) Multi Coloured Chelsea Girl Faux Fur Coat, River Island £85 - This is some serious fashion sass. Ultra colour pops and major trend hitting, fur coats and brights. 

2) Barry M Gelly Effects Nail Varnish, £3.99 - I love this new Barry M range and I love the colours even more. 

3) Motel Swallow Tail Slip Dress in Lamé Gold, Motel Rocks £35 - I am a desperate aficionado for Christmas holiday glitter. There is such a great need to wear all sparkle outfits this season because then you're doing it so right. 

4) Hot Toddy Shower Gel, Lush £3.95 - I would love to clean myself with the essence of Christmas. I want to smell of cinammon and ginger real bad. 

5) Dreamwash Shower Smoothie, Lush £9.95 - Never is there an appropriate day to stop feeling like a baby's bottom. Should we all live in a soft blend of soapy aloe vera, rose, calamine and tea tree oil? Probably.

6) Button Spot Lace Trim Undies, Cath Kidston £7 - Is there anything seriously more adorable than vintage style lace-trimmed pastel polka-dot briefs? I think not. Enough said.

7) Kingswood Rose Short Sleeved Dress, Cath Kidston £70 - Let's get a teapot, some biscuits to a dunkability factor of 10, a chunky knit blanket. Maybe we'll turn the fire on and live winter on the edge. When this idealistic situation arises, someone in the room should 100% be wearing this dress.

8) The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, RRP £19.99 - Because looking at other people being sassy and beautiful on the street increases your own potential by lots. It's logic.

9) If there is anytime to wear a Victoria Secret silk wrap dressing gown, it's Christmas. And also every other day of the year. 

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