Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Raddest Year // 2014

This year has been mostly rad. I want to writre one of those really inspirational deep-thinking end-of-year posts except I'm quite ashamed of my failure to achieve any/many years resolutions. This time last year I wrote a post on my year's resolutions and the years I had had (don't think about reading it - life is way too cringey that far back). If I was totally honest, I would say that about 40% of the resolutions were half-heartedly brought about. I wanted to learn Chinese. I always start out really motivated and full of ambition January to March and then the ambition dwindels. Then I just forget about the goals completely. 

This year I want to continue last years resolutions and try to focus on something I know I will manage without doing much prep work ot thinking. 

1. I want to focus on being more creative. I have taken art as a GCSE - that's not cheating. I especially want to get back into drawing and sketching.

2. I want to continue eating natural and whole foods. I want to also put more effort into being vegan and remember why I started.

3. I want to become a professional ballerina. No joke.

Anyhoo. Have a very sparkly and happy NY and be even more sassy than you were last year. That's my message I'm giving out.

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