Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Bright Winter Corduroy Outfit @ IKEA

Corduroy is always a brilliant idea.

I decided this morning that if I was going to IKEA, the best I could do was fit in with the rad coloured chairs and funkalicious furniture that you have no purpose for. That's when the bright blue corduroy trousers came out of the wardrobe. They would totally tell you wear them with a festive burgundy t-shirt and painted oxblood talons. I mean, they would, if they could talk. Then they definitely would

This colour would be foolproof for camoflaging in the crazy blue plastic beds. It's now past the winter solstace which means we are heading back towards summer holidays (don't even think about it. 3 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS) which probably means some of you are planning your trips abroad and reopening your tanktop storage boxes. I hope there is a lot more camoflaging in bright blue beds because that just sounds hugely more exciting. 

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