Sunday, 28 December 2014

Blog Picks 2014

My winter brain (because that's totally a thing) is heading into overdrive. I am not coping well. My nose has had way too much fun and I have lost so much blood (ahem *nose bleeds*). Mom, I swear this is the end for me. I also have been unable to breathe properly for the last few nights - thanks to my knockout cold - meaning I haven't been able to sleep properly and I am really tired in the day. Also, the nation of TV producers appear to have forgotten it's CHRISTMAS IN TWO DAYS because there are literally no Christmas related shows/films anywhere to be seen. Seriously. Sort that out now please. I am pining for some Christmas with the Kranks and Deck the Halls in my life right now.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

'14 Christmas Gift Guide

I feel really inadequate this Christmas in the wishlist forte because I happen to have only asked for two items max. I don't think I have fully maxed my wishlist knowledge by only desiring two items (a camera and jeans) and I would feel hopeless doing an entire post on two items. I'm covering this lack of wishing with an amassed collection of gift guides. Get so ready.

I love, really love, finding the perfect gift for somebody. I have the best (worst, I'm an awful spy) ways of getting secrets out of someone and I love discreetly finding out what they really really want for Christmas. There is nothing worse than a gift unwanted or unused. I love finding them something they didn't realise they wanted but absolutely love, or something they kinda fancied but would never have bought. I also love love hand-making someones gift - I have an aptitude for hampers.

In the proper spirit of gift guides, I made you a collage. It got pretty long but here's a little breakdown.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas To-Do List '14

Christmas for the sake of Christmas is just perfect. 

I highly recommend staying in your pyjamas past midday and not washing for one extra day than usual. It feels simply fantastic. It's probably not the most hygenic or appealing way of life, although who decides what the 'normal' happens to be during this month of the year. Exactly - embrace Christmas for the sake of Christmas. 

Bake more cookies than any average person sees fit and use the seasonal opportunity to wear the most impressive and flashy Chrustmas jumper. Let's all make extraaordinarily large hot chocolates topped with cream and the fancy cocoa powder from Starbucks and see how many cinnamon biscuits we can stuff in our mouth. The answer is 2.5. Be careful. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Top Vegan Christmas Recipes

I currently have only two settings dans la cuisine. I am either full-on creative Pinterest-assured wholefoods vegan, or the really poopy ready-foods vegan with way too much peanut butter and digestives. There is no inbetween. It is utterly ridiculous that I can eat so healthily and happily for so long and then I just have one uncontrollable binge session - really fun at the time, not so great the half hour after. Or the day after.

It happens to be the time of year again when maple syrup and cranberries become hugely popular again for my tastebuds.

I have talked about this before so just enjoy the fact that I've found 9 (It's killing me too) of the best, easiest vegan Christmas recipes. This Christmas I am super prepared and have pre-baked, par-boiled and roasted all possible freezable dishes. Like, seriously, I have it under control. My family always end up making too much food, far more than any normal family could possibly eat. As in 3 different Christmas Day breakfasts, not one, not potentially two, 3. I am, however, as prepared as one could get for those 3 breakfasts.