Thursday, 18 December 2014

Burgundy Layered Overalls in Winter

I love winter. 

I really love being cold but then wearing too many layers and warming up to way beyond sweating. Sweating under layers is the absolute new look. I really love the dark mornings and nights and the whole concept of cosiness and completely unnecessary but still wonderful gatherings. I love Christmas as the centre focal point of winter but I don’t like to discriminate against the other less significant days through the winter season.

I have resigned myself to the fact that a perfect white Christmas is something unheard of in Britain in 2014 yet I will never experience a beach Christmas either. I am making up for the lack of real seasons by wearing unlimited layers. 

You may have weird shaped palm trees and sandy turkey but I have a really warm neck, legs and body.

If there is one trend that has had much the hype this season, it’s the turtleneck and I stand proud and openly say I am firmly perched on that bandwagon (exhibit A, B, C, D). Except when my turtleneck is in the wash and I have a little panic and then realise that my other tops do the trick nearly as well. As far as upper-body clothing items go, this happens to be the best September-March because layering have been extremely appropriate. Why wouldn’t you want to own multiple tops and wear them all at once, or something like that? 

Let’s be real, when we select items of clothing, the one with the built in body warmer wins every time. So wear a turtleneck - except when it's being washed. Wash it well.

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