Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Stress Of Online Shopping

What requires 100% confidence? So many things in life ask you to be on your A game. I really feel the pressure when actually ordering clothing online. There is a huge difference between toe-dipping into and perusing the best stores' websites, and decisively clicking the checkout button. That's a major step - the clicking. The general online shopping session falls into one of two categories: you are either looking with a purpose or are wasting some time. Both are incredibly dangerous.

1) If you are looking with a purpose to find one item, imagine you then find five items. So, nobody is laughing now because you and your purse have a serious problem.

2) Imagine that, hypothetically, you are just wasting some time and then you just happen to actually find something that will change both your life and your wardrobe. What does one do?

3) Do you know what are the absolute worst things ever? Those perfectly presented, beautiful little edits and seasonal trend inspiration sections. You now feel like you absolutely are in desperate need of at least two new pairs of shoes, a casual jacket and three party skirts for the one party you have loosely pencilled into your diary.

4) I also get really stressed out in the sale section. Like, really, I'm sweating.

5) The unfortunate quandary usually only occurs when you have added everything to your basket and you think you are totally ready to checkout, but then the doubting phase kicks in. Am I even going to that party? Will I really need three different bikinis for my five day holiday? How many black ankle boots is too many? If I already have a cerulean t-shirt, would it really be that fabulous to have an azure top too?

Monday, 15 February 2016

#GirlCrush Episode 1: Emily Charlton

Following the routine viewing (it seemed about time again) of The Devil Wears Prada, I took a character quiz and, would you believe it, I am apparently practically soul sisters with Miranda Priestly. I half agree and half disagree: I have always thought of myself as more of an Emily Charlton. Who wouldn't want such a sharp-cut voice, incredible and fluent ability to deliver in the driest and most hilarious sarcasm and the most polished and chic dress sense? Yeah, exactly. So, Andrea or Emily - the major debate before Edward vs Jacob arose. Even though I have used Andy's range of better outfits as #ootd inspiration since forever; I still feel a deep appreciation and applause for Emily's career drive (she came to work when she practically had the plague), her perfected eye roll, love for fashion and self-control (when was the last time you survived on a block of cheese for three weeks - dedication).

Friday, 5 February 2016