Monday, 8 February 2016

Life According To Street Style

I love street style 10x more than most things. 

This weekend was one of those procrastination roundabouts where social media becomes your best friend. I have somewhere around six apps that I check on a rota, with maybe five minutes spent scrolling and perusing each one and then switching to the next; only to - like clockwork - begird back to the first. Instagram, Snapchat, Bloglovin', Facebook, Pinterest and the one game I am currently playing to such an extreme (it's currently Kim Kardashian: Hollywood - I took a major break but i re-installed this morning because I was a) bored and b) felt like I was missing out when I realised even Kim's hairstylist had a profile).

So, as I was wasting valuable time on these fabulous platforms: I realised that the majority of every feed was street style. I literally only follow fashion accounts, or style accounts, or brands on Instagram; and my Pinterest is bountiful with outfits and accessories. I just love the individuality of 'street style' - or the way someone chooses to interpret a runway piece, or take something from many seasons (or decades) ago and bring it up to date and make it their own. But I feel like the term 'street style' is quite loose and interpretable. I love how, even though trends are visible, they are almost permeable; and people can colour outside of the lines and squirt ketchup on their jeans, if they so desired.

And fashion week is like street style Christmas. Every city turns into a catwalk and regular people suddenly decide to dust off that crazy jacket they bought when they were 15 back in the 90's, and boom - a new street style trend. And it's a double whammy - Christmas and birthday in one - because my all time favourite season of street style is spring.

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