Friday, 5 February 2016

Bill Cunningham

Musings on lessons learnt from the legendary Bill Cunningham.

I love those days when you actually watch something on Netflix, opposed to flicking through the categories and adding some foreign documentaries or 1-star comedies. The answer to all problems is likely Bill Cunningham: New York - because even when you are faking watching or using the voices and colours on the big big pixel screen next to you as background company; the inspiration and motivation to do something creative and real is  there throughout the entire documentary. I really admire Bill's passion for what he does and the love and care he puts into each photo, and the time taken to select the perfect outfits and best few photos is probably the thing that made me get out of bed for a week following. I like the way his photos are all cobbled together on the page and nothing is overly styled or posey; because what is street style if not a beautiful way to capture someone getting a free shower au naturel, or witness the wind sadistically destroying someone's hair (but, for real, if you can make it look as graceful as the ladies down below then I recommend you make it your career). I also feel suddenly inspired to colour coordinate everything. 

So, the lessons:

1) I want to take more photos but less styled photos.

2) I want to spend all day taking photos of city street style... one day, when I don't have a headache and a lorry of homework.

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