Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas To-Do List '14

Christmas for the sake of Christmas is just perfect. 

I highly recommend staying in your pyjamas past midday and not washing for one extra day than usual. It feels simply fantastic. It's probably not the most hygenic or appealing way of life, although who decides what the 'normal' happens to be during this month of the year. Exactly - embrace Christmas for the sake of Christmas. 

Bake more cookies than any average person sees fit and use the seasonal opportunity to wear the most impressive and flashy Chrustmas jumper. Let's all make extraaordinarily large hot chocolates topped with cream and the fancy cocoa powder from Starbucks and see how many cinnamon biscuits we can stuff in our mouth. The answer is 2.5. Be careful. 

It has been proving very disorganising to find time to read the unlimited blog gift guides whilst churning through my Christmas to-do list. Enjoy.

Christmas markets of any variety because what gets better?

Christmas fairs - like, a step down from the markets but still great. 

Christmas late-night shopping in the pretty lights, really pretty lights + hello Instagram

Homemade card making and DIY gift wrapping because, my gosh, it looks so Pintrest to give a homemade wrapped gift (and I get use out of my stamps and ribbon)

Christmas movies (Exhibits: Elf, Christmas with the Kranks, Deck the Halls)

Stocking filler shopping at the cheapest shops for really extra tacky and super Christmasy nostalgia.

The Christmas tree day: the whole shebang - major sawing, vaccuuming, watering, screwing, decorating.

Christmas baking day because cookies are much more fun at Christmas. Fact.

Starbucks coffee - only the holiday specilities will do.

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