Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sixties Trend Inspiration

When you're desperate for a hippo, all you do is look at pictures of hippos. When you want to get a pet stick insect, you maniacally search stick insect collar tags, right? The sixties trend is my best friend at the moment. I am majorly digging the swing dresses and high-knee boots and polo-neck sweatshirts are developing my autumn game big time. So when you want to look like you hopped in a time machine and walked out from the sixties, you just go Pinterest-crazy on the trend inspiration. I do. 

I want to give myself mini goals to get out of this urban fashion nonsense. I'm getting into berets and I'm not fighting it. I also want to conquer the idea of knee-high socks and I am super doting on cat-eye flicked eyeliner and pale stockings. And dang gurl, they had some sassy bouffant hairstyles!

Cat-eye flicked eyelier seems like a good idea to begin with, but then somewhere along the line I get suspicious of my inability to match the lines. I really just need a full-time make up artist. 

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(Photos 'borrowed' from Pinterest)

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