Monday, 6 October 2014

Autumn Lifestyle Favourites // Music, Blogs, Books

So, um, October's here! #totallyunprepared I feel all tingly with shock and an amassed desire to use pumpkin in e v e r y t h i n g ! Also, incase you forgot, it's practically Halloween... and Christmas. I doubt you forgot. October is currently conjuring up ideas of perfect Pinterest-worthy hot chocolates, pumpkin spiced everything, slightly crazed Daniela's in witch costumes and many-a leaf printing session. We may manage the crazed Daniela. 

September was great, September edged us slowly into bringing out our jumpers and began to make us feel OK about ditching the watermelon and opting for warmer foods. I feel like, along with taste buds changing - I just really want some sweet potatoes - my favourites are changing every season too. 

I recently discovered the groovy noise of The Noisettes and Melanie Safka. I've also been listening to Bang Bang, I Love Rock N Roll, Fancy and Ain't Nobody - yep, then I start head bopping and the happy dance begins. I'm finger-crossing that it's a regular occurrence because I like to believe we all need a good head bop. The Darling Buds (probably a lot more focused on the Jamie Campbell Bower side of things) are also making the list, my favourite song being Get Your Guns. 

Also, I read a lot this month. My mid-ish-year resolution was to make time to read more. This just so happens to be the same every. s i n g l e. y e a r. I tend to read at a full-power throttle when I discover a series or author I like, and then not so much all the rest of the time. This month, at every possible moment, I could be found reading The Mortal Instruments (another Jamie Campbell Bower reference. Enjoy.). I prefer to read in the bath, before bed at night or on long car journeys - but toilet breaks and the underside of restaurant tables work just as good. 

This month there has been lots of riffraff on the Interweb. Let's talk about blogs. I have been reading A Bent Piece Of Wire - hey there, Justina Sharp (SHE LIKED MY INSTAGRAM PHOTOS!!). She's a cool gal. I also rediscovered my love for Twitter. It's like I adopted a quite big chunk of the Social Internet. 

Good stuff.

PS. Apparently 'plugged-in' in a synonym of 'groovy'. I shall be using that word more often. #favouritewords

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