Friday, 24 October 2014

Top Autumn Make-Up Trends


1. The season after summer and before winter.
2. The best time to model warm toned make-up.

I’m not much of a big makeup wearer – skin coverage wise – but I do love to sport a statement lip or eye set, a heavy brow, or rosy cheeks – while still showing a clear natural skin palette. This season I have been leaning towards a few subtle yet audacious looks. I've been a total sucker for late-night Pinterest inspiration finding. Pinterest is such a funky place - it's like a rabbit hole of creativity controlled by smoothie enthusiasts and crazy-amazing DIY-ists. (In short, follow my Pinterest).

All the autumnal hues and colours are so warming and dark – slightly gothic, while still sweet with a Snow White appearance. I seem to choose winey purples, deep reds, golds, browns, olivey greens and indigo blues, when selecting aesthetic colours. Good stuff.

Editing autumn beauty down to a few key trends, I am 500% loving the dark blotted stained lip look – absolutely PERFECT for autumn, golden eyes (which make me feel, like, 8.5/10 pro make up artist – despite their super simple smudge application), heavy set defining brows and rosy pink cheeks. I’m getting brownie points to do serious damage with. The simple clear skin trend is so time-saving and flawless to recreate. 


  1. I love this post so much! Short, simple, informative, fun. Absolutely great! XX