Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lifestyle Blogs Pick

 (Note: a completely irrelevant photo, which felt quintessentially autumnal and it was a really good pizza. If autumn is your forte, check out this and this. Many wins.)

I've really been switching up the blogs I read lately. Sometimes I drift from my regulars to newly discovered babies, and then back again. The thing about blogs is, I love them. I love snooping into other peoples lives and listing new mid-week resolutions I would like to copy (never actually works out). I love getting inspiration and ideas and seeing everyone else's Pinterest lives. 

And it's autumn now, (is it really still autun, though?) which changes the whole game. Thing is, I'm way ahead of the game. For example, yesterday I wore woollen tights. Point proven. 

Also, that means my blog list has to change - all according to the seasons - albeit not really relevant to the season in any way. 

So I've been loving lifestyle blogs, which is really just a code name for a bit of everything with really nice photos. YES PLEASE. 

And it must be a side effect of blogging because I don't really go for blogs that don't write/read well. The writing as well as the photos have to grab me. I'm totally fine with that though, it thrusts me into the world of radical, sassy, sensational, groovy and other very exciting words, and it makes me try new things. 

Like Joy's blog. Joy The Baker has been on the list for months and months now. I am in love with her Let it be Sunday series and I love actually reading her posts. Bonus: She bakes and makes food heaven too. 

I don't know what took me so long to become this crazy about these blogs but seriously, it is too far overdue. Anna and Lily are literally amazing and their blogs just happen to be jam packed with delicious lifestyle-y goodness - so just a bit of everything, then. I've really been digging their beauty posts and holiday packing guides. Good stuff. 

I am happy Daniela whenever Ellie posts something new. Ellie's Favourite Things is a mixture between a fashion and lifestyle blog - really excellent then. I have a deep-rooted love for her posts, but really, her Uni room did enough to convince me, so gold stars all round. I quite especially love her outfit inspiration. 

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