Sunday, 2 November 2014

Casual Boot + Dress Action // Autumn

Is it too late to don this coming month as autumn? 

I now officially need gloves at every outdoor (and indoor) event and my feet are asking more and more for the thicker knitted socks. 

Enough chit to the chat, this 'autumn' - I'm still clinging on - has brought us plenty of over-knee boot action, the whole 'art student' edit and autumn without tweed is just simply a crime. It's been a while since I perused the deeper depths of my wardrobe, pulling out my Joules striped smock/tunic/shift (what is it?) dress. So many wins! 

It's not every day you find a dress that deserves a standalone rave but this is just so comfy, easy to wear, seasonal and clean cut. I love the dusky blue which completely rocks out in both winter and summer, paired with the clear white.