Monday, 10 November 2014

A Christmas Kinda' Red

Winter undeniably does have it's benefits. Other than hosting the obvious best time of year, Christmas - and need I really say more - winter is finally cold enough to let me wear my annual pinafore. 

Annual because I wait the best part of all year round to wear this cherry red corduroy pinafore. I feel quite partial to a bit of corduroy lately. And I have definitely been loving me a large bit polo necks (see: this, this, definitely this, probably this too.)

Corduroy just happens to be so wintery and textured - which we all know is the greatest mark of living fashion.

Everyone thinks they need a little black dress. Everyone happens to be so very confused. What everyone really needs is a LRD, little red dress (you know the one). Why is red such a shyed away from colour. Wearing red gives you more confidence than Kanye and gives you all the extra sparkle needed when doing that crazy shoulder bop to Destiny's Child.

On a side note: I have discovered the snazziest French artist, Stromae. His music is seriously rocking out at the top of most played songs on my playlist. Everything has a artsy cool vibe and his videos are way better than anything Arianna Grande. It happens to be very hard to avoid anything Arianna Grande nowadays. 


  1. Lovely post! Beautiful outfit. I have also found a love for Stromae, specially his music videos, I heard a lot of his songs whilst on holdiay:)

    1. Thank you? + I can't stop listening to his songs. Groovy.