Sunday, 30 November 2014

This Season's Winter 70's Tassle Outfit

This cardigan is the perfect example of an impulse buy. 

It was one of those 'much-needed' wardrobe additions that was worn limitedly during the season and then never again. I can't control the fashion changes. It's not a very versatile cardigan, it's not very mix-and-match-able - more of a one trick pony. It's been collecting dust for a while now and I tried to create this outfit around the cardigan to make some use of it. I kinda like it now tbh. 

And now that it's socially acceptable to decorate for Christmas in most social circles, it felt appropriate to shoot behind something that resembled cranberries (but don't judge me, I'm no gardener). 

Anyhoo. Back to the cardigan. 

It's long which is cool, but it has no pockets - that's a major downfall and you should never take pocket space for granted. Also, it works those tassles so fabulously, casual but still tassly (new word?). Unfortunatly, it's getting so much more chilly now (Alaska degrees) and I only dared wear this because I was on the indoor agenda. I was still absurdly freezing and I know it because my feet went blue so don't underestimate. 

I need to experiment with different jackets over the top and roll-neck sweatshirts in order to prolong it's seasonability. 

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