Friday, 28 November 2014

Top 3 No Effort Home Workouts

I seem to be a process lover, opposed to an outcome lover. 

I will gladly bake a 5 hour recipe cake and eat none of it. But seriously, who turns down the opportunity to full-body cover themselves in flour (sivved) and get the free theraputic squidge of butter inbetween their fingers (Don't try this, butter doesn't seem to wash off)? 

The same applies when I want to do anything fitness related. It takes so much self-motivation for me to get moving, but when I'm going, I really go. Like 98% full-speed-ahead go (2% knocked because of the 2 helpings I had earlier, again not listed among ideas that are good).

I love the steady improvement and development and the congratulatory buzz you get from doing excersize. Despite my willingness to get up and do anything active, I like to keep it fairly simple and I just want to be comfy when I'm doing it - no instructor, no equiptment, no money, not much time, very little effort. 

It's the weekend which means it's time to do really easy stuff and only eat things straight from the oven, preferably covered in maple syrup. Home workouts are a beautiful creation by the guy who created home workouts - a being I will continue to support. They open up a myriad of opportunities to watch TV whilst doing sit-ups. I still rank not having seen anyone at the gym watch TV whilst doing sit-ups as a missed opportunity and on my list of 10 things that probably will never be as comfy as they could be at home. 

I am so ready to blast anyone with the argument that you need more motivation to do home workouts because you have a pillow so near. TV and sit-ups. Food in the fridge. 

These are my top home workouts. Arms, Bottom, Thighs, Core.

Also, my Healthy Pinterest board is getting so much more love lately. 

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