Thursday, 6 November 2014

Getting through Friday.

The Internet has been buzzing this week. Tomorrow I offered myself back up for torment by pen and paper. I'm back at school. There are plenty of mixed emotions going on at the moment - potentially getting more 'Give me the cocoa', than 'Let's go'. This week has been filled with many a snooze. I am really attempting to stock up on hibernating energy to use up at a later stage. Let's make this Sunday a last sigh of relief. 

Here are some links to get us through that train journey... beats akward eye contact. 

I'm 100% sure I have mentioned Justina, from A Bent Piece of Wire, before. Here. Major fashion wins. 

Ellie's Favourite Things. Another hands-down perfect blog read. So much fashion inspiration and love heading that way.

Midi rings have been a serious late-comer into my life. I feel like they have been very 'in' for a while now. Still, they are currently reigning supreme on my hands and in the autumnal forte. 

Manchester will always be there for me. I highly depend on the city buzz and on Instagram to document my spendings. In short: follow my Instagram

Joy, from Joy the Baker, is another must-read. I enjoyed a pleasant binge reading session this week, catching up on permisson and bourbon filled recipes.

I have recently discovered ASOS' Personal Stylists. Go fashion stalk them. @asos_megan/@meganellaby wears a mean jumpsuit. 

Pinterest sprees have re-entered my social calender. I happen to be terribly sociable. Has there ever been a boring Pinterest session? I think no.

There is now a Wizarding world inspired hotel in London. There is now also a perfect opportunity to scream, jump for joy, fangirl away and realise that it costs £200 per night. "the rooms feature four-poster beds, trunks emblazoned with Harry Potter's initials, cauldrons, candles, potion bottles, and assorted gothic touches that evoke the Hogwarts spirit." Fact.

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