Saturday, 8 November 2014

Black Tartan Dreamin'

I'm currently swimming in a pool of sad and lonely regret. I think it might just possibly be time to let go of autumn but winters not yet here. Seriously though, let's go over this. Why would anyone enjoy the not-quite-anything period between autumn and winter. I mean, it doesn't even snow. 

A polo neck sweatshirt is all you ever need in autumn... and winter. It is the crazy nicest feeling to have warm hugs going on all over the neck regions; and polonecks just seem to work up real magic with every outfit thrown at them - all seasons round. They have a bit of a bad reputation, insane really, and I have no idea why someone wouldn't want warm hugs around their neck.

With the Christmas stretch coming up and with it the annual family photo; you may seriously want to consider investing in one. Also you could just wear it every day from September to April. Don't deny this infatuation. 


  1. I am loving all your tartan themed outfits! Simply can't get enough of them XX

    1. Thanks, I'm loving the trend so can't help doing so many outfits! xx

  2. Your so pretty Dani! Love your outfit xxx