Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Quintessentially-Autumnal Comfort

Right. So when I look at this outfit, I see autumn. Autumn is for wearing no bra (except I most definitely was wearing a bra), and pairing every shoe ensemble with hidden knitted socks beneath them. This outfit essencially screams autumn - what with the super-comfy denim and sleeveless high-necked sweater (you like?). I like. This outfit is casual and comfortable and doesn't read 'I just threw on my wardrobe' per say. It's much more 'I woke up like dis', in distinction. which is good because you really pull of the whole sassy but not really trying vibe. Brown, red, classic, simple, and a subtle vintage feel. The eyeliner was thrown in for a necessary head-turn... 

Autumn plays so many mind games with us - like, is it even autumn still. We're nearly in November,people, I think I'm still managing to cling on quite well. I think the real question is, when does it become socially acceptable to walk around in your Halloween costume - before Halloween? 

I've spoken too much.