Saturday, 4 October 2014

Short Fringe Inspiration // Fringespiration

Sometimes I feel really left out because at least half of my DNA did not come from a unicorn. Other days, I'm all about being a cat. Ultimately, my goal would be to be a cat with unicorn powers, living in Hogwarts. I am still waiting for my acceptance letter, by the way - 3 1/2 years on. 

There are many things I would do if things turned out differently. My absolute and dreamiest dream just happens to be possessing a world-class steam cleaner and hiring out my services to those with the disgusting flecks of mould on shower tiles or kitchen taps. I happen to find it all extremely satisfying. 

First thing: I would get a choppy short fringe, ASAP. I have loved them for forever and ever since I first saw them I have dreamed of the many possible looks I could get away with. I love how effortlessly cool and relaxed they look, while still looking chic and slightly vintage. They completely get the tousled aesthetics and they cover all the practicalities of stay-out-of-my-eyes - so COMPLETELY PERFECT THEN.

Unfortunately, I don't have the head to make gorgeous cuts and do's a reality. I seem to have life-hacked a possible escape, by staring at everyone else getting short fridges and merely dreaming what I could do if I got one. 

Like I dream about being a unicorn... Or a cat.

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