Wednesday, 8 October 2014

60's Inspired Swing Dress // Autumn

My family are more of a summer kin. That's where I stick out - I happen to be very much an autumn girl. I just want to put on my wellies and raincoat and go and play in the rain. No shame there.

I've been yet to join in the high-boot/ over-the-knee boot game. I was unusually reluctant to play with that game, for obvious reasons. I have now, however, fully thrust myself into the autumnal footwear trend scene, what with my new ADORABLE boots! If there is one outfit that deserves to be in the spotlight, it's this one. 

Over-the-knee boots are the bombshell when it comes to footwear. I am majorly crushing on my newly found elongated legs - *why thank you* - and the slim fit is super flattering. I really want to wear them with extra-skinny jeans or black sheer stockings and an oversized jumper.

So many outfits, so little autumn...

I love the 60's take on this swing dress - I'm really digging the aw14 trends. I have always been into the 60's style, now more than ever - thus the cat-eyed eyeliner and bouffant. With the hint of crisp in the air (AND TODAY IT STORMED AND I WAS SO HAPPY), I've seriously been loving thicker, more textured materials. Hello to the courdrouys, velvets, tweeds. All fingers point to this dress. 

I also am very pleased to report that I did not accessorise at all, because I tried to fit in with the minimalistic crowd. And it worked, I think, for this look, because the individual pieces work together  but all are very much statement pieces alone. All about teamwork. It also allowed me to fit into the 'effortlessly cool' and 'chic' categories.. so, we're winning. 

These boots need to be my autumn staple. Need.

My gorgeous hair is thanks to my lovely best friend, Beatrice;
and the make-up and photography is thanks to my other lovely best friend, Shannon... and her new camera - so thanks Shannon's parents.

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