Wednesday, 22 October 2014

80's Tartan Reign // Autumn

I am fully enjoying the sartorial throwback to all things vintage – 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. I am loving midi skirts this season –it’s a good season - and am completely letting polo neck reign supreme in my wardrobe – which is 100% OK. 

I am totally crushing on being able to take one very vintage, unique and aesthetically crazy statement piece; and pair it with much more simpler, under-key, modern tastes to tone down the outfit. (It is absolutely socially acceptable to live in the vintage trend, please go ahead.).

I added this skirt to my collection after it had been worn for decades by my mom and made by my granny, years before. I wholly dig the idea of being able to revamp and recycle something otherwise out of style that would most definitely have ended up in the rubbish.  I think I put a casual and edgy 80’s twist on the midi tartan skirt – so mission complete.

Other perks? This outfit is the real deal: so strangely comfortable and wearable, I hit the autumn trends and I especially love the headscarf, vintage denim jacket, black biker boots and bright cherry lips – perfect for autumn 500% (HUZZAH!)

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