Sunday, 10 April 2016

Inside Sketch, London

I spent a lot of time toying with the idea of going to London. It was a huge decision for a very indecisive person. I struggle to choose whether I'm having a camomile tea or a green tea - HUGE. It was a toss up between going on a 'birthday trip' to London or having a classic party for my 16th birthday. Truthfully, is there even a decision to be made? How'd London get so cool? Seriously? If I had to describe myself as a city I would be London. Bearing in mind that this is me describing myself, so the comparison is more favourable. Beautiful, cultural, fashionable, practical etc etc etc.... Of course I went to London. A party can wait. 

2 months ago, it would have not been uncommon to see me telling anyone near me who would listen about Sketch. My favourite dropping line was, 'You pay for the experience, not just the food'. I couldn't have been, in my in-the-dark state, any more correct. It cropped up on my Instagram feed probably a year ago and the thought literally glued itself onto my brain. Cut to last weekend and I am sitting in 'The Gallery' with my family on a velvet pink 1930s armchair, drinking rose tea (way more impressive than green or camomile) with actual rose petals, eating the best soya chocolate cake with raspberries - and who knew blueberries made excellent wives to dill and tomato? TOO DELICIOUS. Pricey, but so is Gucci and both prove the most beautiful things are the most expensive. What's the point in having a full bank account in the grave? - my current favourite quote.

Where else would I want to go to the toilet but in an egg-shaped pod? It's just perfect.

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