Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Jean Shrimpton Style Files

This week has been a series of confused mornings, unfocused days, a few crazy evenings of Netflix and very exhausted nights. I seriously hope it isn't just me, but my to-do list seems to get bigger instead of smaller. Every time I cross something off, I add three more. I have been working endlessly and I can't see the stop sign anywhere nearby. It's like my feet are not actually on the ground, I'm just floating. And the worst part is, I can't actually name one single productive thing I have done. Every pastry has been in my mouth. Not just in my mouth... in my digestive system, of course - I swallowed them all. I have also made crying a habit because, tell mewhy do I need to know how Spain might be, hypothetically, planting a field of orange trees in order to produce more eco-friendly biofuels? I am also 98% certain that I lost a good fraction of my lower molars because I decided to unscrew a nail varnish bottle lid that may as well have been super-glued down.

So, Jean Shrimpton. Let's discuss. I feel like this is a topic only still relevant in my own head and maybe those people have taken the blood oath to the 60's decade. What even is the Gregorian calender and why does it not acknowledge the permanent in-ness of the 60's. Maybe this season has moved on but the miniskirt will never not be a thing. I admire her incredible style, gracefulness and classic choice of clothes. And take note because her simplistic iconic look is something I am aspiring to this season: cleaner cuts. Especially as her style develops from the 60's to the early 70's, it becomes much more adaptable and useful inspiration for this season. I really love the short jersey dresses and geometric prints. Indeed, we shall not forget about the beauty of the 1960's. Never. (I switched to Asgardian language - I'm watching Thor, a pretty sight for the eyes and finally a break.)

all photos from Vogue

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