Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Biker Jackets @ Courreges SS16

I actually cannot believe I haven't written any proper posts on the shows of Spring Summer '16. I was really surprised when I was looking through my archives. Truth be told, I can only look at these gorgeous photos and some sort of strange word string forms in my head. I am too tired to think of anything sensible to write. I have been watching Sherlock (we waited over a year and finally, the special episode was not a disappointment). I have watched it twice in less than 24 hours. But when I do look at these photos, I see a fantastic modern twist on 60's space age - I really really want the silver more-bomber-style jacket. I also see men's and women's fashions merged together. I love the clean lines of the jackets and the sharp cuts. I also love the colours and how the simple, humble and urban biker jacket has been given a makeover and  is now either very smart and polished, or colourful and fun. Texture is the key here - the jackets all appear crinkled and super shiny, or suede or leather. Just beautiful. And, of course, I'll take all the inspiration I can get because, haven't you heard
the biker jacket is back!

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