Saturday, 30 January 2016

7 Style Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

Instagram is such a fickle thing. It’s a high-maintenance platinum blonde 70’s blow-dried perm and Snapchat is a fun and flirty natural brunette bob. When is optimum-posting time? How soon should you pass 11 likes? Can you have a feed style? All these very severe, socially-threatening questions seem to be consuming. We can’t even post a photo anymore before adding a filter. I love Instagram for two reasons. 1) I get to admire everyone living on the other side of the planet, 15 years older than me, with an actual real-life job and salary and actual real-life beautiful clothing; and 2) I get to share my own life and raise those 3/10 days to at least a strong 7. Thx filters. Late disclaimer: follow me here and everywhere. *Cheeky smile*.

This is why need to wear colour. @chiaraferregni

I definitely think I have a very cleansed and purified ‘following’ list. I like to selectively choose. And because there is no reason not to, I have also developed a hobby of screenshotting every exciting thing I see. After Pinterest, Instagram is a close second for giving inspiration. In what situation would you not choose to eat sushi every day and have a full force flow of outfit inspo every single day? I think I could totally be the kind of girl who wears pyjamas with a fur coat and sky-high laced-up heeled boots. Maybe I could top it off with a cute bag. I have now spent the last hour frantically ferreting through (imagine me as a ferret) every online shopping site to try and find a wardrobe inspired by my Instagram feed, gym selfies included. I am exhausted from my fruitless efforts but have thoroughly improved my mood by only scrolling down further. I like scrolling because it comforts me knowing that dressing as a Caucasian snail or a disproportionate ball of wet candy floss whilst in full sartorial vigilance is totally normal, and should in fact be celebrated. 

PS. I did another similar post a few months ago with other accounts to follow.

I literally do not know of anyone more stylish or cool. Like, seriously, if it's possible hit me up - it could be a world record. @jeannedamas

(also check out @jeannedamasdaily - a fan page and the inspo is fabulous)

Isn't it comforting to know that flare jeans look incredibly bomb when paired with suede or fur? Keep it faux. @asos_sarahlouise

What word should I use to best describe my actual awe of this beauty and style queen@natalieonduty

Dylana Suarez. I am 100% jealous of her 100000% crazy gorgeous outfits. @dylanasuarez

Stylish, sporty, classic. A better combination never existed. @ashleyturchin

My new shopping list: patent red boots, cat-eye sunglasses, slogan tees, bomber jacket, tassle jacket. @taylorlashae

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