Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Ways To Delight When School Is On Halt

School has it's merits, equitably it's downfalls too, yet be that as it may - a two week Easter break can truthfully be splendidly nice. I've had a cracking two-week break. Well, besides from unknowingly putting a metal bowl into the microwave . Picture a flustered hot mess, that's me. Picture an even hotter flaming microwave, that's the microwave. Let's say you guessed that much on your own.

I'm sure it's all karmic... I get it. I'm on high alert. I have that sixth sense feeling I might encounter a similar version of a flustered me sometime in the near future. It's understandable; I have that list of people I would gladly oppose in a probably-verbal, no-contact-please lady fight. I'm not very concerned. It's normal? It's the kitchens version of heated, culinary based dry humour. Not my idealistic representation of gastronomical fun. Yours?

Let's discuss this holiday. It's been serious business.

I've discovered a hidden love for the vibrant centuries pieces at the Manchester Art Gallery (amazing, let me tell you) and the secluded, utterly adorable tearooms, caf├ęs and shops in the Northern Quarter. The Teacup proved most enjoyable and delish and Dough was a absolute gourmet vegan heaven! Just marvellous.

I've been to a beach - applaud me, shower me with roses. No, really, I'm serious. In this weather, in this country - it's less than I rightfully deserve. I had a lovely day nonetheless and probably caught some Vitamin D buddies amongst the shell friends (yanno, the ones I named and made faces with). 

I've been shopping galore; always a welcome day out. How can one not find spending birthday money at those shops one never normally can afford to pop into because of a lack of pennies collected on pavements and roads enticing? It was very enticing. (Excuse the multiple sentences squeezed into one.) I bought too many 'essential' items for my ss14 wardrobe. (Gone all fashion blogger on ya there). I dragged la mama along with me on these leisurely, spending sprees; and absolutely not understandably, it may begin to grow boring on some. Luckily, my mama is a good egg. I very muchly enjoyed my girly days out with her and they were the perfect excise to leave behind the work. Superb!

I've eaten my way through too many packets of pasta and tried out a multitude of vegan recipes with varying degrees of success. I finished two bags of pears in an hour. Not the best idea. Emptying a bag of frozen paws, not into the pan, but perhaps 30cm to the left - partially to decorate the kitchen floor (of course), and the other half to become enthusiastically crisp on the hot stove: It's been better. Maybe I shouldn't be that person who's always in the kitchen, purely based on previous experiences. Just a thought...

Furthermore, do excise the boobie picture above. I found the large, thick stroke painting technique terribly fascinating and creatively beautiful.

I had a tip-top Easter and now face the pleasures of going back to school and waking up pre-sunrise (who am I kidding?). Though, the sunny weather does aid one as a natural alarm clock, somewhat. Summer's nice.

Love you,

Dani xoxo

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