Thursday, 25 September 2014

Metallic Midi Skirt // Woodland Photoshooting

Never mind the icy starts and pretty colour-changing leaves; Daniela decided to photoshoot in the scary outdoors. I'm getting brownie points to do serious damage with. I got goosebumps, since you asked.

This outfit started as 'Daniela-we're-leaving-in-twenty-minutes-are-you-awake?',
and roughly worked itself out. 

I particularly enjoy the spattered mud stained on my Converse. 

Woodland couture.

Also, apparently there was something really interesting on the floor as I happen to be looking down there in nearly all of the photos.

#Bambi, take 2.

Where this post is going, I have no idea. 
I'm sure I'll realise it when we arrive, though. 

Till then, I've made a list of certain thoughts I reflected on over these photos.

1. This outfit is totally rocking the metalic trend. Or... was that only a summer trend.

2. I'm going to wear metallic at least 6/7 times a week, anyway.

3. It's also getting waaaaay ahead of the midi skirt trend. 

4. Blurred photos look really cool.

5. You should definitely look at all my blurred photos on Instagram.

6. Can we talk about this skirt? The pale pink trend is one I can really get into, on Wednesdays. 

Pink, perfect. Talk over.

7. That's a pretty freakin' sassy elephant bag.

8. There are only 93 days left till Christmas. Im. So. Excited! 

9. That means we can accessorise our house with lights again. This year we should 100% do every room in the house. I think it gives us a unique flare from the other houses on the street. 

10. It's not often one sees a house lit up on November 20th. 

Ps. See, it got there. This post was about Christmas. Apparently.


  1. awesome photos - love the skirt! and don't remind me that christmas is sooooo close...!! xx

  2. Thank you lovely, and hahaha Christmas is forever near!