Thursday 18 September 2014

LFW 14 Fashion Commentary

And so begins Daniela's most-definitely superfluous commentary on the on-goings of LFW 14 - needless to say that Jamie Campbell Bower will be featured in as many photos as seems respectable... so all of them then. I felt real-life sorrow at the fact that no invitations had been delivered to me (assumingly my owl took a wrong turn... again). I pretended to be invited, though, by staying full on point with every social media possible, and some fun potential-husband-stalking (hey there - it is the only way). I whooped at the street-style and seriously feel in love with all the back stage food tables. I need to find that chef. 

How is this not perfection in every seemingly-possible way? How many other male specimens can pull off skinny ripped jeans - not many. I love the effortless styling combo with the sassy dangly scarf  thingy and sleek hair. I also enjoy the fact that JCB is a fashion week regular so I get extra time to look at his beautiful jawline and bloomin' beautiful outfits. 

Also joining the fash pack (it's happening, I decided - fashion pack) is Dougie Poynter wearing a shirt that is something else - WHERE CAN I GET ONE? And I think his hair deserves a post of its own, but that's another story. 

The shirt, though.

Alexa, darling Alexa, is doing some sexy lady thing and totally rocking the seasons 60's trend. I just love the whole look, especially the gorgeous velvet blue slippers and checked pink and white furry coat. UGH, it hurts. And then she goes and turns up again in an adorable ensemble of pigtails (pigtails!) and a too cute Chanel pink clutch. I'm noting fashion tips. 

Cara and Kate have to be the pair to pair. Obviously, Kate turned up in shades, looking perfect in all-black. Cara is flashing some subtle side-boob, and looking classic but ├╝ber-cool in a tailored navy suit paired with trainers. Very very chic. 

I couldn't resist another. This time JCB is looking insanely dapper in a waistcoat and suit - and I am NOT COPING with those rolled up sleeves. Tattoos bared, shades on, hair doing that sleek loveliness - top marks.

Olivia Palermo just happens to always look effortlessly elegant and trendy. The trousers/culottes are pretty aren't they? And, I think I would like to wear them... like now, PLEASE!

Photos from Vogue and Sugarscape

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